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    NUD Enya Nova with a twist

    Hello Everyone, One thought about black colour “soda + superglue”: you can use black colour graphite powder instead of soda, results should be the same. But please experiment first. You can use graphite found in pencil, remove it, and make powder from it. Question: is saddle removable on Enya...
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    Crosstalk Fiberglass 1000 for Kanile'a Super Tenor?

    Crossrock Fiberglass 1000 for Kanile'a Super Tenor? Hi, I am wondering if Kanile'a Super Tenor (tenor body, concert scale, 23" total length) will fit into Crossrock Fiberglass Soprano case (23.8" from the description) Can you help please? Thanks,
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    What is topboard of this Ukulele? Australian Redwood?

    Here it is, The same available on AliExpress; "UK Dream" brand, UT-63E Sometimes they say "Korean Pine", sometimes "Pricea Asperata" (which is Spruce); but this one really looks like "bear eaten" aged redwood. What do you think, worth to try?
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    Self Limiting Belief: Width At The Nut

    Hi All, I am beginner; and I was blindly preferred Kanile'a because it is 38mm at the nut and because I want primarily to play classic / fingerstyle. But UAS swallowed me... So, here is comparison of the distance between 1st string and 4th string on my classic guitar, Kanile'a, Kala, aNueNue...
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    The Hype: "Wood Opening Up" or "Breaking In"

    I believe cheap ukulele will "open" its' sound in few years. And expensive in few months. What is different? It is not "wood opening up". Expensive Ukulele is made from (in average) 50-years-old wood dried under managed conditions 2-3 years, to the internal moisture 6%-8%, before it was used...
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    Kiwaya vs Cort vs HEX vs Ohana vs Islander (!!!)

    deleted; very sorry :) it was bad!
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    Kiwaya KTS-7 vs. Kanile'a K1 Super Soprano: playability

    Which one is easier to learn and to play for fingerpicking? (Flamenco, Classic, Chord-Melody, etc.)? Check some Youtube for George Elmes videos for style of playing In terms of playability? My first Ukulele was Tenor size, then I tried Pono Super Soprano and I feel it is very good size, but...
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    Salam from Canada!

    Aloha, Salam! I am 52, tried to learn classic guitar 30 years ago (two years only); this year I bought classic Spanish guitar and tons of books... including tons uf Udemy courses... then I bought Yamaha Silent guitar to exercise securely & secretly in a basement, my wife didn't catch me yet...
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    Kanile'a E SILK (Ebony Silk) vs. UV Satin vs. UV Gloss

    Aloha! Kanile'a (Kanilea) has new line which is Ebony Silk, how Silk finish differs from UV Satin? from UV Gloss? Can you please share experience? Thank you!
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