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  1. cMejilla

    Philly Open Mic **Calling all Ukers**

    Awesome. Uke open mic in Philly? Will you still be meeting in May and June? I'm at finishing up school so I wouldn't be able to go until then.
  2. cMejilla

    Disney's A Whole New World (Instrumental)

    I think all of us have a fond place for Disney. If you say you don't, then I'm sure you just don't want to admit it publicly yet. That's okay, too. :) Here's my take on Aladdin's theme song "A Whole New World" as an instrumental. Preliminary MP3...
  3. cMejilla

    Uke Instrumental: Dean Martin - Sway

    Finally did another instrumental cover of a song. This is also for TheJumpingFlea's contest in this thread. Join in the fun of it! Dean Martin - Sway Hope you all like it
  4. cMejilla

    New Instrumental Original - "Because We Were Young"

    I just want to say congratulations to all of the contestants and winners from this year's Undies show. Everyone's videos were rockin' and opened me up to some new players and styles. That being said... I just wanted to share my new instrumental piece with the UU community. I really enjoy...
  5. cMejilla

    John Mayer - Comfortable and an Untitled Original (Uke Style)

    Hey everyone Haven't been able to post on the message board much lately because of school but that doesn't mean I've given up the uke. I made a video of John Mayer's song "Comfortable" just in case there is anyone out there that may want to try and learn to play it and needs visual references...
  6. cMejilla

    The UU Collaborative Tab Game

    while pressing down on the fretboard, slide your finger from the second fret to the fourth fret.:music:
  7. cMejilla

    Here, There, and Everywhere

    Those may be ghost notes. In tableture programs, it just allows the midi to continue playing that note in the parentheses until the tab says otherwise. So when you play things like |----------- |-3-(3)----3--- |-2-(2)---(2)-- |-0--0----(0)-- Just hold the notes in the parentheses so that...
  8. cMejilla

    Song Help Request Romanza

    It's in high G. If it's the low notes that are confusing you and you know how to play the guitar version, try plucking the C-string along with the A-string to compensate for the bass note. I also do a alternating combination of incorporating the G-string in place of the C-string to produce a...
  9. cMejilla

    "One Nation Under a Uke" , Philly's first UkeFest

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll already be studying abroad. Damn you, timeframe!!! Damn yoooouuuuuuu!!:mad:
  10. cMejilla

    Mike DaSilva's POST SHOW Thread

    sweet. its like watching the show but still being on the east side.
  11. cMejilla

    FS: Lanikai Solid Spruce Top w/ Pickup

    Hey guys, I'm trimming down my ukulele collection and I realized that I never really used this ukulele much after I bought it. Tenor Lanikai with a Solid Spruce Top. It has Shadow P3 Active pickup as pictured in the attached photos and the 1/4" jack is located on the bottom right, also...
  12. cMejilla

    Rodrigo Y Gabriela

    This duo is my favorite guitarists of all time and just wanted to know if anyone else is a big fan of them. Rodrigo y Gabriela :rock:
  13. cMejilla

    Song Help Request what strum method

    i've always done: First Chord: Down, Up, Chunk Second Chord: Up, Up, Chunk, Up repeat for last 2 chords
  14. cMejilla

    Help name a song

    I've been fiddling around with writing up some of my own stuff for a bit but there's something I can't exactly figure out for one of the pieces... and that's the name. Anyone want to help me put a tag on this sucker? Song here: Untitled All input welcome. Thanks everybody.
  15. cMejilla

    Freddie Aguilar's "Anak" uke cover

    I completely forgot about this classic song until i heard Sungha's rendition of it on one of his recent YT videos. I decided to transcribe it to the uke straight away so that I wouldn't forget about it again. So here it is: Anak This song is one of the biggest songs to come out of the...
  16. cMejilla

    Song Help Request Hey There Delilah - Plain White Tees

    D: 2220 F#m: 2120 A: 2100 (and/or 2104 for a different "A Chord" voicing) G: 2320 Bm: 4222 The chords for the verses are [D] [F#m] Hey there Delilah, What's it like in New York City? [D]...
  17. cMejilla

    YouTube's frontpage got Uke'd

    Check out the frontpage for YouTube today because it's filled ukulele videos from Bosko and Honey to Aldrine and other players.
  18. cMejilla

    Song Help Request Beyond the Break- Jake

    actually, this thread is for completed tabs. might be useful to ask to move this thread to song help where it might get more attention for the help. i wish i had the gently weeps album. i'm really missing out.
  19. cMejilla

    East Coast = Best Coast

    Sorry Fred... Kobe Bryant is actually from Lower Merion, PA. You know, outside of Philadelphia on the EAST COAST! :nana: lol.
  20. cMejilla

    The UU Collaborative Tab Game

    I guess i'll try to take a stab at fixing some of the unorthodox parts of the tab. i hope someone else does too to see how it'll vary
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