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    Song Help Request You Baby Nesian Nine

    Sounds right, but there are a few tweaks needed I believe. Each chord is strummed twice EXCEPT G#, which is strummed once, then right after strum a Bb (3211 or 7565). As for the Chorus, the first half is the same progression but the 2nd half of the Chorus is G# x4 and Bb x4. I hope this all...
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    Song Help Request Shalamar - This Is For The Lover In You

    ...I did a search through the forum for this and couldn't find anything and I'm having trouble figuring out the chords - could anybody help me? Not sure how similar it would be to Babyface's version, but I can't figure that out can anyone help me out? Thanks in advanced.
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    Song Help Request Final Fantasy Tabs?

    Ahh, loving this thread. I've been looking for some FF tabs myself! Thanks members.
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    Action Packed! 50 Movie Trailers In 3:50

    Saw this on another site I frequent - real interesting video that somebody edited using 50 movie trailers. Pretty awesome. Check it out.
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    Song Help Request Let's Get It On - Fiji featuring J Boog

    Hmm... To me, it sounds like Am - G My reason: In the intro, that sax (I think it's a sax) is playing the notes G#, E, and C...those are all in the key of Am...and then it plays D, B, and G...those are in the key of G major. Am: 5453 (or 2453, which ever is better) G: 0232 (or 4232, which...
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    [Original] - My Girl by...Me =]

    This is one of my own songs, written and composed by myself. Hopefully you guys enjoy it - it might be a little loud, but it seemed fine to me. :D. I was planning on recording an audio only version, but decided to upload it for Carpekd's Ukulele...
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    Do you think this is weird?...

    So...I have a friend who wanted these pair of shoes. The shoes were very popular and quickly ran out of stock in his size. His shoe size is 10.5. BUT...he took notice that the style of shoe he wanted came in a different colorway but it was womens. So he bought that style and that color in a...
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    Jake Shimabukuro @ Anthology in San Diego, CA

    Came back from Jake's show at Anthology about an hour ago and I'm still amazed at how...well, at how amazing he is! I went with my mom and my cousin and they enjoyed it greatly as well. This is me and Jake after the show (not that anyone cares really, haha) and I got his Live album (and I got...
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    I think this is the right place to post this... First off, I am an avid listener of Drum & Bass music now; Dubstep & Dubrap to be more specific, and I listen to my music mostly through I was just wondering if there are any headphones out there that put out some GREAT bass that...
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    Top of the Burj Dubai

    I was going through my typical daily visited websites and came across this video. Check it out. It's interesting - very very tall building.
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    Song Help Request Amos Lee- Sweet Pea

    the SEARCH function is going to be your best friend :D (It links to a previous thread)
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    Song Help Request Slash Chords

    Hmm...indeed it is. WELL...anyhow, I hope the site helps someone somewhere...haha:D
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    Song Help Request Slash Chords

    Well, if you were to click C, you'd end up HERE And the simplest chord for C (I'm assuming 0003) is there under C/ that what you're referring to?
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    Song Help Request Slash Chords

    Well if it bothers you that much (as it has bothered me in the past, haha) can check this site They have "slash chords" for SOME chords, not all. Hope that can help.
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    Song Help Request I Wish That I - Cas Haley

    Bump...cause I love this song and want to know as well. :D
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    Is this Jazzy?[Again:( ]

    Yes - those chords sound great together as well. Jazzy or not.
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    [Cover] - Live High by Jason Mraz

    Here goes another cover...wanted to do a Mraz song and I decided to do this. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier :D Hope you enjoy - - - - - HERE's my previous cover...just in case anyone wants to see. (It leads to my previous thread actually...
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    Song Help Request She Don't Care by Dumbfoundead (Acoustic)

    DFD is a dope emcee - I hope someone can find the chords to this! BUMP haha
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    LEGO Pop-Up Book

    And now for something more interesting than my video in the Uke vid forum :cool: Seriously though, this is pretty freaking neat.
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    [Cover] - Dorm Room by Gabe Bondoc

    This is my cover of "Dorm Room" by Gabe Bondoc Tadah! Enjoy it (hopefully...) :D EDIT: I fixed the volume =]
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