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  1. OhioBelle

    New Pins on the Kanilea

    Okay, this pic clearly shows that both pins have collars. The John Pearse is just taller.
  2. OhioBelle

    New Pins on the Kanilea

    These are by John Pearse, purchased from Elderly. The set included six bridge pins, an end pin, and a strap pin. I was hoping the faux tortoise would work with the colors of the Kia. I think it does, and am quite happy.
  3. OhioBelle

    Prayers for the Big Island

    To all UU members in harm's way from Kilauea, my thoughts are with you
  4. OhioBelle

    2018 Midwest Uke Camp

    Schedule posted!!!
  5. OhioBelle

    Old Harmony Bari On the Way

    **Update: it's not coming. GC cancelled the order today due to it already being sold in store before I placed the order online Found this used on GC dot com. I've had it in my head to find an old beater bari, and could not resist this price! It says "good" condition. If it's worse than...
  6. OhioBelle

    Worcester, MA uke workshop

    Let us know how it goes!
  7. OhioBelle

    Sarah Maisel made straps

    Hi Andy, I've got mine tied with a knot between the leather end and the headstock. Doesn't seem like it will tear through to me. Hope this pic helps
  8. OhioBelle

    Worcester, MA uke workshop

    They'll both be at the Midwest Uke Camp in June, which is one of the reasons I'm going. Love Daniel's Meditations! I subscribed to his videos and think he will be great as a live teacher.
  9. OhioBelle

    2018 Midwest Uke Camp

    There will be a STORE??? Uh oh... :drool: :iwant:
  10. OhioBelle

    2018 Midwest Uke Camp

    Just registered! My first. I'm excited!
  11. OhioBelle

    Attack of the Dremel!

    bsfloyd, thank you! I've ordered from Bob Colosi for guitar bridge pins before. Very nice vintage bone. I decided I liked the more formal look of the Iluak ivoroid for this uke. M3Ukulele, thanks for the compliment! I understand being "in the throws." It took some thinking for me to...
  12. OhioBelle

    Attack of the Dremel!

    I was nervous, but I drilled a hole in my new Larrivee A beautiful ivoroid strap button with white leather washer from And a lovely new Chee Maisel strap from HMS. Now my fretting hand is free to do what a fretting hand must do, versus supporting the neck. A side benefit is the...
  13. OhioBelle

    NUD: Larrivee Silver Oak Concert

    Oh this concert is so delectable! The sitka spruce top and silver oak (lacewood) back produce sparkling campanella. The Grover tuners are the smoothest I've ever touched. And just look at Jean Larrivee's art nouveau design etched on the buttons! Echoed inside on the neck block, too. Like a...
  14. OhioBelle

    NUD: Larrivee Silver Oak Concert

    My ukulele journey of the last few years has lead me to this conclusion: concerts are my jam. Campanella is the style I love to play the most. Sopranos are perfect for the precise fingering required. But sadly, too much soprano clutching gave me tennis (uke) elbow. Playing my concert ULO...
  15. OhioBelle

    Baritone Conversion to Steel

    Jake Wildwood has this cool old Harmony baritone that he converted for steel strings. He said 60's era Harmonies are built heavy enough to take the additional tension. Sounds pretty good, if you're looking for that guitar-like sound...
  16. OhioBelle

    Spectacular LFDM Baritone on HMS

    Please, all you bari lovers out there, someone buy this gorgeous instrument! I've never seen such beautiful sinker redwood. It has a longer scale, a bigger body, and an incredible mellow tone...
  17. OhioBelle

    Why Sam Muir Plays the Uke

    Great new blog post by my ukulele hero, Samantha Muir:
  18. OhioBelle

    Pono MD-30SB: 8-String Tenor Guitar Hawaii Music Supply has this spruce/rosewood beauty, as well as a spruce mahogany version, described as a new model. 8 strings and just a hair bigger than a baritone in...
  19. OhioBelle

    Ever played a scalloped fretboard?

    You know how one thing leads to another and before you know it, you've fallen down the rabbit hole? Checking out the pretties on Antebellum instruments and was intrigued by this baritone. Never...
  20. OhioBelle


    In honor of the Great Eclipse of 2017, I present: My Flea-clipse Sharpie, paint pen, and nail polish. Roughly done, but fun.
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