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  1. dnewton2

    Upper East TN / Tri-Cities

    This is the face book page. I have not made it out but there is some info.
  2. dnewton2

    Upper East TN / Tri-Cities

    Not sure about tri cities but there is a group in Asheville That gets together once a month or so. I have not ever gone but I think it is still going. Not sure where the info is right now but I think a UU member puts is on.
  3. dnewton2

    North Carolina

    I am pretty sure Mim has some get together in Charlotte, and there is/was a group in asheville. Besides that you might try a craigslist ad in Hickory or Boone. I live on the other side of asheville but life has been keeping me busy so I have little time to get to any uke gatherings.
  4. dnewton2

    2 Semi hard Concert cases for sale

    I have two Concert cases sitting around my house without ukes in them. I got these with ukes but upgraded the cases and now these are just sitting here. They are the foam canvas covered cases with zipper and carrying cases. I would like to get $25 each shipped to your address. I will...
  5. dnewton2

    Asheville Ukulele Society, Tuesday 2/1

    There is an Ashville ukulele society? I need to do some reasearch. Don't think I can make the concert but would like to see what the group is about.
  6. dnewton2

    US Eastcoast ukulele camping trip planning- request for suggestions

    FMM is Fleamarket Music, makers of the Flea and Fluke. Link to thier calender of events. I think there is a group around Charelston, SC as well, lowcountry ukers or something like that, might be able to find info on groups on FMM player directory as well.
  7. dnewton2

    US Eastcoast ukulele camping trip planning- request for suggestions

    you could check out the North Carolina ukulele academy in Wilmington. Looks like they have a monthly get together. FMM has a calender but I don't know if there is anything going on along your route.
  8. dnewton2

    Advice on buying a guitar

    So I have been thinking about buying a guitar for my dad for his birthday. I would get him a uke but he has said he has thought about buying a guitar to learn on. So I know very little about guitars and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I am thinking acoustic, probably a solid top...
  9. dnewton2

    Anyone use an amplug on their electrics

    I just got a solidbody electric uke, one of Pete Howlett's Uklectic. I got it pretty much for quite practice at night. I want to get something so I can plug in my headphones and play. I was thinking about a vox amplug and was wondering if anyone has one and what their thoughts were. Which...
  10. dnewton2

    Got a Koaloha

    I looked it over when I got it and from what I can see, I think it is a spot on the top of the fretboard first fret. It looks like it got slightly filed or something. Besides that I cannot tell what is wrong. I took a picture but it does not show it well. [
  11. dnewton2

    Got a Koaloha

    A couple of quick pics for all yall.
  12. dnewton2

    Got a Koaloha

    Well it has been a while since I got a new uke, about 18 months. So today is my 5th anniversary, and the traditional gift is wood. Pretty convienent for me huh. So I told my wife to get me a new uke. I pretty much narrowed it down to a few for her to chose from. She got me a Koaloha Concert...
  13. dnewton2

    Northern Virginia?

    I used to live in NOVA but recently moved away. I know there are at leat a couple of groups up there and one in Richmond. I never got around to to getting together with any of them but they seemed nice from what I heard. Richmond group I cant find the info on the other groups but if you...
  14. dnewton2

    Space Suits EP

    Anyone notice the Space Suits EP in the UU store? Anyone buy a copy yet? I am about to order me one. Kind of suprised the was not any anouncment or ad on the main page.
  15. dnewton2

    Charlotte, NC Area or NC In General

    So I am moving close to Asheville. Waynesville is where my home will be for at least a few months. I am moving down in a couple of weeks. Let me know if anything uke related is happening around Asheville. I think I will be pretty close to the Uke gathering, so I may need to make an appearance.
  16. dnewton2

    Funny Craigslist ad

    So every once in a while I check out Craigslist for ukulele stuff. Usually not much in the DC area but you never know right. I swa na ad asking for a lone uke that said, It seems somewhat reasonable, i guess, until the last line of the first paragraph. I almost busted out laughing. Too bad...
  17. dnewton2

    Song Help Request Eye of the Tiger - Modern Family

    The chords should be the same, unless he was playing in a different key. Then you would have to adjust the chords, easiest way is whith one of those wheel things. I saw the show too and thought that song was pretty cool.
  18. dnewton2

    Charlotte, NC Area or NC In General

    Not yet. I just posted that yesterday. I should find out soon when it will happen. I am getting a new job in the agency i work for and I am supposed to be working on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville. Should be June or July though.
  19. dnewton2

    Charlotte, NC Area or NC In General

    There is a good chance I will be moving to Asheville this summer. Should be there for 8 or 9 months. Not really close to most everyone but I will be in NC.
  20. dnewton2

    Aldrine Finally does I'm Yours Lesson on UU!!!

    Anyone see the main page this morning?? New lesson is I'm Yours!!!!! Sweeeeeeeeet.:D:D I have been looking near and far for how to play this song. Thanks UU you guys are the greatest.
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