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  1. DeG

    Thomas Creek Brewery Jimi Hendrix Ukulele Campaign

    This morning I discovered that the following mission statement is being used by the Thomas Creek Brewery out of South Carolina: So I'm asking all ukulele players to post and/or share Jimi Hendrix ukulele videos on social media using the hashtags #hendrixuke #uwcfreebeer...
  2. DeG

    Chattahoochelele 2015

    I organized a group of 22 Southeast Ukers to go floating and strumming down the Chattahoochee River in Georgia. We had a great time with our plastic ukuleles. We plan on making this an annual event. Here are some videos: Henehene Kou Aka Black Water...
  3. DeG

    Goodbye Leaves - Seeso Cover

  4. DeG

    Song Help Request Check my chords? (yet another borshard song)

    So, I was looking for chords to this song and found this old thread... I think Citrus was pretty close, but I'm hearing: E = 4442 A =6454 F#m=2120 B= 4322 If [E] love means[A] you, [F#m] Then I'm on [B]board, And if [E]there's no[A] room, I'll be [F#m]with you on the [B]floor, Repeat...
  5. DeG

    Old Folks at Home (Suwanee River)

    Took the Boy Scout troop down to the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia this weekend and I was able to sneak in a quick video...
  6. DeG

    Mele Kalikimaka ei nei / Christmas Luau

    Merry Christmas UU!
  7. DeG

    Boe 2012

    A song I wrote a few years ago. Seemed like a good time to dust it off :)
  8. DeG

    Doctor Whokulele original song - Rose

  9. DeG

    Hawaiian Sup'pa Man

    I played a gig last time providing "atmosphere" at a Hawaiian BBQ place here in Atlanta. Good is a clip...
  10. DeG

    UWC Sessions

    Good idea! :music:
  11. DeG

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    Define "evening"... Cause you ain't leaving until I'm too drunk to stop you. So, like 7:30 or so...;)
  12. DeG

    A Good Place to Be - Original

  13. DeG

    International Kazoo Day!

    Sir Duke on Kazoo! :)
  14. DeG

    UWC 2012 Head Count

    I get 8 ! :)
  15. DeG

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    UWC 2012 T-shirt potential...
  16. DeG

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    I'm mean, it was his suggestion and all, but I was staying there too, and invited half the people at least...I think, at least it should be remembered in UWC legends as "Grumpy's, and that other guy's, party" ;)
  17. DeG

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    Yeah, "Grumpy's party" was almost as awesome as "Tookta's UWC"... :p LOL
  18. DeG

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    Missed you last year, the BCUF was a lot of fun in 2010. I'm definitely up for this again... :)
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