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    For Sale Only UK - Tenor Tinguitar (Rob Collins) Brazilian Mahogany 2022

    Ordered a year ago but I moved out before I could use it. Amazing instrument made by one of the most reputated ukulele luthiers in UK. Tenor ukulele (right handed) Body: Reclaimed Brazilian mahogany. Pinstripe decoration on soundhole. Neck: Reclaimed Brazilian mahogany. Fretboard & bridge...
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    help to identify a vintage Hawaiian Uke

    Thanks a lot guys!! Very helpful.
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    help to identify a vintage Hawaiian Uke

    Hi guys A friend of mine is trying to sell this ukulele and asked me about onfo. Never seen this type of ukulele before. Looks like a Hawaiian koa-martin style. Anyone can date it? or estimate the current value? Looks old and beautiful. The wood is simply amazing, the tunning is very...
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    SOLD Chris Perkins Tenor Ukulele UK only

    Hi everyone. I am selling one of my new favourites as I am having a baby soon and need to do some space. Tenor ukulele handmade by Chris Perkins in 2017. This ukulele is in Excellent condition. Small defects in the varnishing of the neck that you can appreciate in pics 2 and 12 that do not...
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    Kamaka White Label - how old is it

    Hi Guys. Need your wisdom to identify the year of my Kamaka. Anyone ? Kamaka web states anytime from 69-01.The case looks old. I am selling it and many buyers are asking about the date. I would appreciate if you can help me. Thank you kindly.
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    SOLD Kamaka Vintage. Only UK buyerw

    Hi everyone. I am selling a beautiful vintage Kamaka white label soprano (unsure about the year). I bought it recently and and the sound is perfect. I am selling it because Im having a baby and I also recently bought three Millar ukes. Soundwise is amazing. It is difficult to tune as it has the...
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    Beltona Tenor Baritone Resonator Ukulele $1250.00…….SOLD…..

    Good taste for instruments. I was tempted by the Chris Perkins baritone but I bought recently a CP tenor on ebay (really good) and this Beltona is just amazing. Good luck selling it. If I were in US I will buy it.
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    Hello from the UK

    Nice! I tried to contact him in Facebook a few months ago if he is back. I will try to get one of his ukes for sure!
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome. I am always thrilled about Chris Perkins ukes ( I am from Uk too). How is yours? I played one once and I liked it. I know they are unique as chris is changing the woods all the time
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    Looking for Ken Timms Soprano

    Thanks a lot, mate! I really appreciate your help :)
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    Looking for Ken Timms Soprano

    Hello everyone. I am interested in buying a Ken Timms. My brother bought me one a while ago and I was attached to it. Unfortunately yesterday I lost it. If anyone is selling one I am happy to discuss a price. Also, if you have any info about when Ken is preparing more I would very grateful...
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