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  1. drbekken

    New Solo Ukulele Record

    Album out now on every other streaming service….
  2. drbekken

    New Solo Ukulele Record

    Here are the videos I made. The music on the bandcamp album is the music on this playlist. On June 30 the album will be on spotify and every other streaming service too.
  3. drbekken

    New Solo Ukulele Record

    Yes…the reverb in that cellar vault is stunning. Recordings are done with the phone, and the sound is not tampered with in any way afterwards
  4. drbekken

    New Solo Ukulele Record

    Thank you ✊️✊️✊️
  5. drbekken

    New Solo Ukulele Record

  6. drbekken

    New Solo Ukulele Record

    I made a solo ukulele record…recorded live down in the cellar vaults on the campus where I work… No overdubs, mix, mastering, or editing… The ukulele is a cheap Mahalo ‘Kahiko’ soprano uke…model MK1tbr… crank it up!
  7. drbekken

    Iko Iko

    Just got back from two weeks in New Orleans
  8. drbekken

    Ukulele Improvisation - tenor uke tuned linear DGBE

    I tuned my cheapo Mahalo Java tenor to DGBE, and jammed away...strings are the four middle strings of a classical guitar set.
  9. drbekken

    Cakewalk Into Town

    Some blues for the weekend - courtesy of Taj Mahal
  10. drbekken

    Tenor Ukulele in Cuatro Tuning

    An alternative way to tune your tenor ukulele...probably been up for discussion here before, but anyway....
  11. drbekken

    In Christ There Is No East Or West

    Ok…another baritone tune…offhand John Fahey tribute..The ukulele is a Romanian made Hora baritone; a wonderful instrument.
  12. drbekken

    Baritone Strut

    Hi there, folks...I guess it's been a few years since I posted here, here's a little baritone jazz piece...
  13. drbekken

    Tenor ukulele turned into baritone - the inexpensive way

    I have never liked the tenor ukulele in GCEA tuning, which I have mentioned on this forum occasionally. I prefer DGBE, with low or high D. Lately, I have been watching youtube videos and reading about specially made strings for such tunings. However, the fact is that from a regular classical...
  14. drbekken

    Two guitaleles - Gretsch vs Yamaha

    «Micro-guitar»…hehe, it’s still a guitalele…and the strings don’t look like the E to E set I have, which are Aquila Reds all the way, a ‘guilele’ set with low E. Sounds ok though!
  15. drbekken

    Two guitaleles - Gretsch vs Yamaha

    Are those the red ones? In that case, I have one set lying about...haven't tried them yet.
  16. drbekken

    Two guitaleles - Gretsch vs Yamaha

    Strings have stretched some ....
  17. drbekken

    Two guitaleles - Gretsch vs Yamaha

    I agree, Jim…and the strings on the Yamaha are Southcoast, which can’t really be beat. I bought a load of those sets from Dirk just before he passed, so I still have some. The Gretsch is brand new, so it remains to be seen if the solid mahogany top opens up over time. The strings on that one are...
  18. drbekken

    Two guitaleles - Gretsch vs Yamaha

    My two bits on the Gretsch and the Yamaha guitaleles, both set up to my particular preference; the ‘Eddie Freeman Special’ tuning, which was recommended to me by the late Dirk Wormhoudt of Southcoast Guitar & Ukulele company from Mandeville, Louisiana. I miss him in here - he was a well of great...
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