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  1. grappler

    While my guitar gently weeps

    I had to do it... The most played song on the ukulele. I'm giving this one a go..
  2. grappler

    Cairns ukulele festival 2011

    Hello All! Its been a while The cairns 2011 ukulele festival was magical!! Met heaps of new people and some people on the forum also. Spectaular outcome with the World record attempt but we did not break it this year. I was asked to play this year for the Australian showcase along with another...
  3. grappler


    Hi all, Hope you all have been well and still playing the ukulele passionately. Terryukes and myself have uploaded a video of us jammin to Europa. Its a classic tune that has so many variations. This is what we came up with Enjoy Mahalos :D
  4. grappler

    Song Help Request Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton

    I dont know the song myself but it is pretty straight forward. I say try and learn to read tabs, its simple and you can learn alot from it.
  5. grappler

    Song Help Request Help with Europa

    i can probably write up sometime for you guys. Give me a youtube link of the clip and tell me which part.
  6. grappler

    Song Help Request Troy Fernandez - Hawiian Suppa Man

    I dont have tabs but heres me playing it I kinda worked it out with the chords first and figured out the finger picking. hard song to learn by ear must i say. i can try and do a tab on this, but wont be as good as doms. dont think i got some parts of...
  7. grappler

    Wollongong/sydney... Australia nsw meet up

    have you guys met up yet??? how was it if so
  8. grappler

    Song Help Request Bodysurfing tabs by Jake S./Herb O./Aldrine G.

    one of those songs you gta watch and learn i guess :) :)
  9. grappler

    UKU from singapore!!

    Im not from singapore but theres a group called ukulele movement that are mostly from singapore. Have you heard of this uke group?
  10. grappler

    Jim Beloff worksop and gig

    what time is the workshop
  11. grappler

    Tropical Hawaiian Day

    Thanks for this Dom. Awesome job
  12. grappler

    Blue Roses Falling - Jake Shimabukuro

    This one was done at the Melbourne ukulele Kollective. Hope you guys enjoy it! Cheers
  13. grappler

    Hawaiian suppa man!

    Hi all A fellow member TerryUkes Also on youtube came down to Melbourne this week. I had the chance to catch up with him twice and during out meet up we jammed. We decided (Actually I decided) to play Hawaiian Suppa man.We obviously prepared this earlier over Skype and exchanged a few chords...
  14. grappler

    Song Help Request Haru Yo Koi

    This is one of the songs that im after too.
  15. grappler

    Song Help Request Tropical Hawaiian Day - Ka'ua Crater Boys

    Yep doms got it! I did one a week ago
  16. grappler

    Breezin - George Benson

    Hi all Michelle aka 14twelve on forums and fourteentwelve on youtube came down to melbourne. Shes from Brisbane but came down for a little holiday. I thought it would bee good to shoot a video. This is how it went awesome day!
  17. grappler

    My new custom ukulele!

    Finally got this ukulele today My previous custom was also made by the same person. His name is David Aumann This ukulele is a Solid figured Koa Back sides and top with Mahogany neck. Pretty basic setup. It has L.R Baggs Element active system in it. It sounds so much better than my 1st custom...
  18. grappler

    Sunset by Marques Houston

    i use C, D7, G maJ7, E7
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