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  1. AZChris

    What is an unpopular/controversial opinion you have regarding the ukulele?

    In my transition from guitar to uke I lost over an octave of notes on the low end. I like fingerstyle jazz on uke but It sounds better with bass to me.
  2. AZChris

    Hi to all

    Cool! I go to one in Scottsdale. I'd like to find or start one in Chandler. Feel free to message me if you want details or have places I should be going.
  3. AZChris

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    I totally agree. That is where I found the arrangement I recorded. There is great stuff on there and a lot of it is not difficult. Mr. Putter did some amazing work.
  4. AZChris

    Sold Hadean UKB-23 (Bass Uke) Left Handed w/ Hardshell Case

    I love my entry-level Hadean bass with the black rubbery strings. Some lefty will be very pleased. Plus a hard case...great deal. GLWS
  5. AZChris

    Love Story (Taylor Swift) - Multi-Instrumental

    Impressive as heck. Your ocarina playing was unreal even pulling off a key change. Holy smokes. The background was very solid and that was very enjoyable. I taught middle school when that song came out so I'm VERY familiar with it. Nice work.
  6. AZChris

    Hi to all

    Hello from Arizona. Good move taking over that uke. There are many resources out there to help you learn and you found a really helpful community here. Have fun on your journey and welcome to UU.
  7. AZChris

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    This thread has some beautiful music. I like seeing that pieces that I once played on classical guitar have been adapted to uke and some of the arrangements are outstanding. I've had fun searching out classical music for uke and even found this one I used to play on guitar.
  8. AZChris

    What is an unpopular/controversial opinion you have regarding the ukulele?

    I think for a bunch, uke and uke groups are far more a social thing rather than using it to develop new skills or learn about tonewoods and strings. I've been going to a uke group for about a year and I suspect many don't practice except at the meetings. This group has 30-40 people in it. I...
  9. AZChris

    Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

    Fun theme! Here's a 3/4 piece from Neil Young. Along with uke, I added bass, drum loops and lots of extra vocals.
  10. AZChris

    Enya Instruments

    The auction at which I am finding them is Amazon returns which fits in with your anecdote. I haven't worried about them since I got them way less than half price and there have not been any notable playability or tuning issues. Thanks for providing balance. They made a good first impression on...
  11. AZChris

    Enya Instruments

    Not sure if Enya has a fan base or not but I've seen some of their ukes used in the SOTU's. I just recently got acquainted with them. I wanted to post something positive regarding the customer service of this company. I told them (emailed) of an issue I was having trouble getting the action...
  12. AZChris

    How Do You Pronounce ....

    D.C. in music notation is Da capo and I'm pretty sure nobody pronounces that as da kaypo. I'm bummed that TerryM and Wikipedia are probably right and I have been saying it wrong for 50 years. I will not repent of this sin, however. KAYPO forever.
  13. AZChris

    What is an unpopular/controversial opinion you have regarding the ukulele?

    I too feel awkward with my pronunciation of ukulele and vary it depending on who I am around. I think I impress people more if I say it ookalayleh kinda like I would if I roll my r's when I order a burrito. My 2 unpopulars: Ukulele's lack of respect is not helped by pairing it with kazoo. Iz...
  14. AZChris

    Season 626 - Body language

    Another vote for face. What a fun theme -- good one, Arvin! In addition to ukes, I added background vocals, bass, a drum loop and a 12-string in the breaks.
  15. AZChris

    Season 625 - This Season is for the Birds

    Here's a Steve Miller classic. I tried to give it a Steve Miller-ish intro.
  16. AZChris

    Season 624 - My Hero/es

    My mom saw the musical "Oliver" and bought the record of the soundtrack. As kids in 1964ish we heard it a ton. My mom would have me sing this song repeatedly along with the record and even took the record over to my cousins so they could hear me sing this in my sweet boy soprano voice. There are...
  17. AZChris

    Season 622: See You In The Funny Papers

    Dang...sorry Wee. Here's a duplicate but hey, it's a great song from Toy Story.
  18. AZChris

    Season 621 - A Grand Tour of the Cosmos

    Here's a fun, strummy Steve Miller band song with multiple cosmic references that adapted easily to uke.
  19. AZChris

    A tribute to The Underground

    The different variations of the misspellings was interesting and attention-grabbing for me. Cool you used Dall e. I'll have to go back and mess with that again. Thanks for sharing that prompt -- fits what I saw. There must have been another one like: Show a 3 piece ukulele band with 2 mutant...
  20. AZChris

    A tribute to The Underground

    That was amazing. Musically and visually very enjoyable. Your cigar box stuff especially the bass have me forgetting I'm hearing cigar box. The AI was really cool and makes me wonder what kind of prompts were used to get it to generate some of those pictures -- there is skill in that. I've...
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