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    Price Drop Custom Kinnard Kiku: Walnut/Sitka Photos added

    I sure wish I could take it for a spin around the block! GLWS!
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    Got my mandolin set up

    I am inspired to pull out my unplayed and undiscovered mandolin...THANKS!
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    Sold Martin 2k Koa Concert Ukulele

    Are you gonna throw in some of your WS64 mojo at no extra charge? GLWS!!
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    Whatever happened to Mike Pereira?

    My first custom was a beautiful MP "100 year old" Redwood top salvaged from his cabin, Padauk B&S #41 Concert Pineapple. I remember him being so patient with me during the order process... Thanks again Mike!
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    Earnest Paddlelele Concert Ukulele (2009) at Elderly

    Ahhh...It is good to see this one again. Joel found a special piece of maple for that bridge.
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    Sold TENOR - Koa Fluke

    I was going to buy this one just because it is such a great deal....but this one should really go to a beginner who does not have a lot of money to spend, and is in need of the "most bang for the buck" quality ukulele. These are wonderful sounding and easily playable forever ukes that will be...
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    New - Old Member

    I remember how excited you were to order and finally receive your custom Ko'olau Pineapple back in the day...I was sooooo jealous at the time. I was apparently in search of the holy grail in those days but that one was beyond my reach...hahaha.
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    EADGBE on original cordoba mini

    Proceed with steel strings at your own peril.
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    New Uke Day (NUD) John S. Kinnard concert

    Wow....That one is so beautiful in it's simplicity....the woods used are the true bling! John's ukes are so balanced and clear. Enjoy!
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    Acquired Guitarlele / Guilele / Guitalele

    I would jump on this baritone scale Pono in a heartbeat before its gone. Baritone scale is the way to go IMO...20" scale or longer. I own several. ( 17" tenor scale, 19", 20" & 21" baritone scale)...
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    Sold Brand New White Oak Venetian Style Ukulele

    C'mon folks...he is giving this away! I am on a hiatus from playing uke, or I'd by this one. For this price what are you afraid of? Look at the workmanship and listen to the sound!!
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    playing guitalele one rainy day on the porch

    Good one Dr...the porch was a good place for you today.
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    The story of Sam Chang , Dave Talsma and “The Kitty tenor” or Hiring a Luthier to build your Ukulele

    I still regret selling my Talsma custom concert taropatch. The buyer got a steal of a deal on it too! This one also sounded absolutely fantastic! The man is a true artist....and very patient with "know it all" customers.
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    Instant oatmeal

    This is true....I buy the Plain Quaker "One Minute Instant Oats" in bulk from Smart & Final. It comes in a box with two 5 lb bags of instant oats... and oats is the only ingredient. I add fruit, nuts, spices as fits my fancy that day for my only sweetener. Adjust your cooking time (or lack...
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    Kawika website/top bellying

    Most of my best sounding ukes were very lightly built... and had shown this dishing effect between the bridge and the soundhole. It never bothered me in the least.
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    No longer available Ukiyo Vita Uke - Excellent condition

    Good move...I know I wouldn't sell mine either. These are special ukes and are very special builds. I find myself gazing at mine wondering how he got everything to fit and finish so perfectly on it. Perfect is a word that rarely comes to mind on a handbuilt object.
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    No longer available Martin Taropatch - $1200/offer

    Restored and set-up by one of the best builders out there today... in my opinion. I bet it sounds sweeeeeeeet! GLWS Neal!!
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    Basketball Jones (Cheech and Chong)

    I was expecting you to break into a falsetto...."Ever since I was a little baby; I always be dribblin'...."
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    guitalele tuning?

    Thanks Bill1! Thanks baconsalad! That is exactly what I needed. Off I go on a Kiku tuned adventure.
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    guitalele tuning?

    Q) What is the "Kiku tuning" for a 20" scale guitar (aka guitalele, guitarlele or Kiku) and what type of (nylon) string set would be required to achieve this tuning? A) eaDGBE; recommend the Living Water DGBE set, and a Thomastik-Infeld CF30 and a CF27 for the e and a strings. (See Below-Thanks...
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