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    while my guitar gently weeps cover

    here it is a few mistakes but hey while my guitar gently weeps if you want the tutorial for this check it out starting at part one at
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    please watch

    watch this im putting all covers onto a new channel called mrmatthewhague and well basically just letting you no! subscribe please more coming soon!
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    umbrella-rihanna played on ipod touch

    umbrella-rihanna enjoy comment rate subscribe
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    i will survive cover

    My version of i will survive idea stole off theickle check out his video its hilarious in the jungle comment rate subscribe thanks,,:shaka:
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    I will survive - gloria gaynor - tutorial

    i will survive!!!! enjoy! Comment Rate Subscribe
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    James'Blunt You're Beautiful

    ill do a tutorial for every one if you like?
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    Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner Tutorial

    Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner this time with chord diagrams enjoy! comment rate sub thanks,,
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    Build me up buttercup tutorial

    i figured not many would look under the song help section so here it is build me up butter cup enjoy! comment rate subscribe thanks,,
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    Song Help Request Im looking for song requests...

    build me up buttercup requested comment rate subscribe thanks,,
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    Song Help Request Im looking for song requests...

    i will do build me up buttercup with pleasure!:shaka:
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    Hammer-on, Harmonics

    A quick lesson on hammer on's and harmonics check it! comment Rate SUBSCRIBE!
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    At last a decent recording

    No Woman No Cry thanks to dominators tabs :shaka: comment rate subscribe
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    Jason Mraz - Live High

    you dont need to post this twice
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    Finally done it!

    While my guitar gently weeps check it out! comment rate subscribe!
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    Song Help Request Tabs for Super Mario bros

    powertab, pdf, thanks go to dominator
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    kids - MGMT - tutorial

    A tutorial of MGMT's kids i recommend getting your buddy to learn one part and you learn the other so then you can jam together! Comment Rate Subscribe Thanks! enjoy!:music:
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    padded gig bag?

    hey guys i am looking for a padded gig bag to fit my 56x17x7 ukulele so far i have found this one which i really like the only prooblem is is the width is 21 cm does this make that much of a difference having 4 cm space width or...
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    strumming, holding the uke and exercises

    This is the fourth of many beginner lessons on the ukulele this lesson is about Strumming techniques, fast and the claw hammer, more uke exercises to get your fingers warmed up and how to hold you ukulele enjoy comment rate subscribe :shaka:
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    While my guitar gently weeps - tutorial

    A tutorial of while my guitar gently weeps on the ukulele some had suggested i did this so i went out and learnt it and did this for you guys and i am so glad i did learn it! Part 1 intro, Part 2...
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