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    Pontardawe Festival here we come!

    i wish i could make it mate but im away :( daz
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    torn city?

    does anyone here play this?? its a browser text based kinda mafia game like all them others but this one has been out for years and years :) i just nip on it when im in work for a couple of mins when im bored :) theres the link to anyone that wants to join and my...
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    uke shops in london?

    hiya lads im off to london on saturday to watch teh cycling and from where we are gonna be watchign it they will pass twice but inbetween there is abotu a 4hr interval so i was hopeing to wander about and spend my birthday cash on a new tenor uke so does anyone have any names of good uke shops...
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    thinking of trading my brand new captain backpacker ukulele

    pretty much what the title says really :( i waited months for this to be made as bevan doenst make them during his summer and i was really looking forward to it but now that i have it i unwrapped it, tuned it played with it for 5 mins put it down and just dont feel the love for it that i know i...
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    any begginners fancy jumping on the jam?

    hey any begginners fancy jumping on the webcam jam? click here see you on the other side :) daz
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    hey all!!

    hello lads/ladies why not jump on the jam room now to have a little play along? just click this link and join us :) daz
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    ukulele get together in swansea south wales uk

    hmmm it seems to be doubling in numbers every meet lol gutted i missed it especially after missing the first one too :( daz
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    luna concert tattoo?

    yo i have been looking at a luna tattoo for a while now and i guess by teh price that they wont be much different to the brunswick one i have now this being the soprano and i...
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    ukulele get together in swansea south wales uk

    looking forward to tonight :) daz
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    Song Help Request wildflowers -tom petty

    hiya lads/ladies id like to call upon your knowledge and ask if anyone is familiar/can play this tune? i am having trouble playing the bridge part which and would love it if anyoen could spare the time to make a little tutorial for it? the chords im using for it are Bm/F/Dm/G/C C/Bm/Dm/C is...
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    site suggestion-chatbox

    i wonder weather it would be worth putting auu mini jam chatbox on the homepage so people can see easier if someones in there therefore filling up the room a bit? daz
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    Do the beginners know about.....

    ... the ukulele underground mini jam? for those of you that dont and presumming by the number of people that actually use it there are a few you should click on the uke talk tab and then usually the top post called uu mini jam click that, click on a link and it will take you to a chatroom where...
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    bulding a eleuke

    hiya lads/ladies my mate has built a few electric guitars lately and ive managed to con him into attempting a eleuke for me :) my first quaestion is, taking into consideration that im living in the uk where would anyone suggest that we could get the pick-ups, bridge etc from and does anyoen know...
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    changing to a low c?

    hiya peeps i was wondering if i wanted to change my high c to a low c do i definatly need to actually change the string for a thicker one or is there a way that i can just tune it different on the run? i would ideally just like to be able to change the tuning to play s.o.t.r. kinda songs and...
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    ukulele get together in swansea south wales uk

    ill prob be snooping about :) daz
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    Song Help Request gaybar

    hiya thought about this song yesterday and rememebred i liked it and found the tab here- does anyone know if this is right because the last note on the 2nd and 4th bar does not seem right to me? daz
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    changing strings??

    just somwthing that i wondered whilst playing and reading the forum.... i have aquila strings on at the moment and have only been playing for about 3 months and have used them since day one almost, now the question is when do you long-timers change your strings? is it every month/year etc, when...
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    Song Help Request one for kaizersoze!!!! :)

    ah im from pencoed mate just outside bridgend :) yer calon lan would be pretty cool too as i wanna try and use them for rugby tours yer its been a case of either lucky to get away with what we have done and unlucky in other games that we deserved more but without turning this into a footie...
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    Song Help Request one for kaizersoze!!!! :)

    hiya lads you wont know me but ive been a lurker for the past few months just reading and enjoying these forums :) but now i thought i would get involved a bit and what better way to start than to bug a member :) so kaizersoze, i dont know if you were at the liberty for the wigan game but i...
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