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    Fret ends lifted off bound fretboard on uke body

    The worst ones have a gap in excess of .010". AVI file shows slipping of 24lb paper (.0045") cleanly between the frets and fretboard, and can fit a doubled over piece of paper also. I will try to contact the luthier, but as it is two years old and I did not purchase from him do not consider it...
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    Fret ends lifted off bound fretboard on uke body

    My most recent acquisition has the frets lifted slightly off the bound area of the fretboard for all the frets on the bass side on the body of the uke (14-20) and (16-20) on the treble side. Edges feel sharp where separation between the base of the fret and fretboard has occurred. Any...
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    Anyone else have Blue Binding coming loose on Kala Pearl Strings?

    I purchased some Kala Pearl strings to try and when I was checking out the first string I opened (string1 - A) a portion of the blue binding string approximately 1/4" long started to unravel. I emailed Kala and retailer I purchased from and received no reply from either of them. I am leery of...
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