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    Song Help Request Ukulele solo style songs

    Not sure what style of songs you are looking for, but my favorite is Daniel Ho's Polani. He has this out as a CD, and also sells the tabs to it in a music book. Beautiful songs imo.
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    Led Kaapana on the MB Hokule'a

    Wow, great sounding uke by Chuck Moore. Wondering if anyone knows the Hawaiian song that Led Kaapana was playing on the MB uke that is up for auction now on HMS. And any tabs around would be the 2nd question? Really enjoyed that song, the playing by Led and the MB uke. Would love to try...
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    Amazing new HMS ukes

    Did people see some of the interesting ukes recently on HMS's Vimeo channel? Wow, there were some really amazing ones that caught my eyes and ears. 1. Koolau Archtop custom - Did not see this one making to the HMS website, so must have been sold already. Had a really unique tone. Very...
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    Wiemer Ukes

    Listened again to the Vimeo of that Milo/Adi Spruce Wiemer tenor and regretting I did not pull the trigger. Absolutely loved the deep sound on that uke. Thinking I may need to just go ahead and ask Jeb Wiemer to build a similar one for me. Wondering if any UU...
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    Wiemer Adi Spruce / Milo Tenor on HMS

    Saw that the Adi Spruce/Milo Wiemer tenor sold on HMS. I sure was tempted by that one, but a bit too pricey and I have too many ukes already. Wonder if anyone on UU bought it. If so, hope we can hear a NUD review. Wow, just absolutely loved that deep unique tone on that uke. I guess I may...
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    Deep, Resonating, Low Sounding Tenor Ukuleles

    I love deep low resonating sounding tenor ukuleles. Of course, one can go lower to a baritone sized uke, but that is for another thread. Maybe sacrilege or confounding to those that like a traditional ukulele sound, but I do like a guitar like sound, even if I prefer the ukulele size/strings...
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    Joji Custom Tenor

    Just wondering if any UU member was the one who bought the Joji custom tenor on HMS. Pricey, but was I tempted. Beautiful snakewood and koa and I just loved the headstock and loved the sound. Love to hear more about it.
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    Uke Board

    Not really talk about ukulele, but related to the uke. Saw that Pepe Romero and Daniel Ho collaborated on a uke inspired skateboard made by Sector9, called the Uke Board. Guess it is smaller than most skateboards, so that part is in line with the ukulele concept...
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    Nice Sounding Custom Spruce / Lebanese Cedar

    Anyone listen to the Kala Elite Tenor - Custom Spruce / Lebanese Cedar? Those preferring the traditional uke sound probably wont like it, or those looking for chime like clarity probably not either, but those looking for a nice deep tone probably will like it. I was very impressed by the...
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    Song Help Request A thousand years by Christina Perri

    Does anyone know if the tabs to the Thousand Years version that Sungha Jung plays on youtube is available anywhere? Kris' version is high G. I am looking for a low G version and like the version by Sungha. Thanks.
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    Question on how to read some notation

    I have seen some tabs where there is a slide that is open ended, so does not specify where to slide to. For this, does it mean you just start a slide then pull your fingers off at some point, but does not matter exactly where? For example, take the notation below, (Cant show the...
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    Olinda Road by Hapa - Tab

    Thanks Brad. Well done. I really enjoyed your performance. Wonderful. And thanks for sharing the tab too! Something I hope I may be able to play one day if I ever progress far enough.
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    "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" Instrumental Tabs

    Great playing! Thanks for the tabs. Really a pretty arrangement on the uke.
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

    Thanks for the link. I never understood the strumming pattern, and others I saw did not sound so close to the original. This one does and explains it great.
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    Ziricote tonal properties

    I am having a Hive ukulele built by Jake Maclay with a spruce top and zircote body. Actually, it is already finished, but just not shipped yet. I should get it in a couple of weeks. Can let you know after I get my hands on it. I love the look of the wood.
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    Song Help Request Song on a Kamaka Ohta-san

    Yes, the scale is 15-15/16", so almost half way in between concert at 15 and tenor at 17". And the length is 24-3/4", which also puts it between a standard concert and tenor size.
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    Song Help Request Song on a Kamaka Ohta-san

    Anyone know what song this is played by Kalei Gamiao for the HMS website? It is a beautiful song. Of course, great playing by Kalei. And anyone know of any tabs available for this song? Thanks. And was surprised at the sound from this concert Kamaka Ohta-san. Sounds great in Low G...
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    Sand Castles - Herb Ohta Jr.

    Great song. I have different tab versions of this song, but not this one. Thanks!
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    Everyone's a wise guy.

    Hmmm.... by the logic of one of the comments on the number of strings, then one should be able to learn the Shamisen in no time flat.
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    Trouble chords and a curving pinky

    Hi, I struggle with some chords, and part of the problem on some of them seems somewhat due to my little pinky curving in when I bend it. It is natural to have some curving inwards and everyone's pinky curves in a bit when bending it, but maybe mine more than others. When I have my pinky...
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