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    Need U Bad-Jasmin Sullivan

    hmm i guess you can play it that way too. not bad :)
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    Need U Bad-Jasmin Sullivan

    Intro/Verse: D6(2222)GCEA C6(0000) Chorus: Em(2340) D6(2222) Cmaj7(0001) or Am(2000) D6 Ay baby weh you ah deal wit? C6 We come tru alot a tings you kno? D6 so wahamum to you? C6 Me make one likkle mistake you wan dun us? D6 if i had you back in my world C6 i would prove that i could be a...
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    Singalong Song Book

    This is great! Good job :).
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    Song Help Request Mark Mejia- Somebody's Baby

    oh man i love this song! x). Id love to have the chords or a tab for it too!
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    Song Help Request Kanye West Heartless

    For the strum pattern ive been playing D D U C D U U C D U D. it sounds pretty good. try it out and see what you think.
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    Song Help Request Kanye West Heartless

    i tried this out and it worked well :). thx for this!
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    Banana Pancakes

    thx a lot for this! it really helped. :) l got it down in 5 minutes versus trying to watch a 10+ minute tutorial on youtube. thx agian :D
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