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    How much is too much for a Uke

    Thanks for sharing this clip... My new fave rendition of Sweet Child o mine...
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    Martin S1K discontinued

    Re: "Limited" status, I recall being told was 275 (I picked one up, and am happy with the sound, quality and playability.)
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    Sinker vs.Torrified

    That is very cool Mike, I was unaware of these salvaged woods you speak of.
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    Show us your backside thread

    Some of my builds...
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    Soundhole sniffing...

    Koa smells much different than Sinker mahogany... Just sayin'
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    Outdoor ukes - weren't the colors part of the fun?

    I am an early adopter of the Outdoor Ukulele and while there are a few different brands now, they were the first decent sounding polycarbonate sopranos. The first examples were not that great, I have one... They improved everything and I picked up a clear one, a green one and one of the Amethyst...
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    To PLEX or not to PLEX

    When looking at the new Martin sinker mahogany sopranos, I came across an example that had serious indent marks on the fretboard edges from the "Plek" machine. I returned the instrument and got another. I was told "it happens."
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    Check out a nice tennis racket cover...
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    Not Many High-End Sopranos?

    I give a thumbs up on the Sinker Mahogany Sopranos from Martin... "High End" is subjective, I like to look at beautiful inlay a lot. I prefer the playability and sound to be more important in my choice. In terms of tone, Koa sounds different to me than Mahogany which I prefer. "To each their...
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    Martin Sinker Soprano

    I would love to get some of that sinker mahogany from the Martin employee...
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    Martin 0 Soprano

    I am really happy with the Sinker Mahogany Soprano Martin ukulele. I have played five different ukuleles and they all sounded fantastic. Fit and finish are top notch. Not the glossy finish you see on other instruments, and the tuners keep the instrument light and balanced. Initially there were...
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    Dick VanDyke - Learning to Play

    I played Richie's friend... "Kid"
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    Dick VanDyke - Learning to Play

    Thanks for the heads up, I just watched it. And they cut me out... Life in Hollywood. Someone sent me a note to check the BluRay edition.
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    Dick VanDyke - Learning to Play

    Thanks for sharing this. Very fond memories of Dick Van Dyke Show. ("See Rob Write, Write Rob Write" was the episode I was in.)
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    Martin Ukulele Owners Club

    Top looks different than the sides in this picture. The stock pictures show the top, back and sides are all the same material. here is a picture of the first three they release. They released a "Natural" model the following year. Can't explain the headstock though...
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    Show off your cheap ukes!

    Here is my cheap ukulele picture contribution. Signed by Slash when he had a guest appearance on "Anger Management" "To Casey, R'n, F'n R, Slash 2012
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    Martin Ukulele Owners Club

    They sound great as well as look great...
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    Martin Ukulele Owners Club

    Good thread Mike... For me, Style 1 Centennial #15795 OX Bamboo (Blue) #6001 OXK Concert #6688 Style O Sinker Mahogany #2740052 Style O Sinker Mahogany #2740053 S-O Uke #8971 S1K #32670
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