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  1. quiltingshirley

    Need a chord to replace Eb chord in Unchained Melody

    I’d just barre the 8th fret and play strings 2, 3. & 4. Sounds too easy so maybe I’m missing what you’re asking. I do play lots of “cheater”type chords on guitar and baritone ukes.
  2. quiltingshirley

    How is your ekoa instrument aging?

    I had a sunburst, glossy Fallon tenor but sold it cause I prefer to use my old black carbon fiber tenor. It still looked great but I kept going back to my first one. I also have an EKOA Blackbird Savoy guitar from when they first came out. It has the cleanest sound. Even though I have wood...
  3. quiltingshirley

    Traded Kanile’a Willie K.

    Before you sell it take off one of your G strings and maybe change out the strings. At least that’s what I would do.
  4. quiltingshirley


    I got rid of my metronome after I gifted my piano. Then I took up uke and I find I should have kept it. (I really should have kept it. Just ask my Bass playing husband.)
  5. quiltingshirley

    What strings do you like on your Kamaka Tenor?

    I like the Uke Logic Low g, Soft tension. I order from the Uke Site (Hawaiian Music Supply) at the North Shore..
  6. quiltingshirley

    I Received Free Strings

    I thought nip meant cut, glad someone asked😀
  7. quiltingshirley

    RIP Fred Kamaka

    Such a nice man with true Aloha spirit. We met him on the start to our ukulele playing. We were on a cruise and had been told where the factory was. He just happened to be in the shop and talked with husband and I. We came back another time and took the “tour”. Uncle Fred told me at the...
  8. quiltingshirley

    Roadie 3 tuner

    I don’t even like tuning my own ukes and guitars. And I tune them frequently cause if they’re a bit off it bothers me. What I need is one of those “roadies” who is always off to the side and ready to step forward and tune. Oh yeah. That would be ideal.
  9. quiltingshirley

    Leave strap on or attach each time

    Will the LOXX pins stick out too far to get those tight fitting ukes in the cases?
  10. quiltingshirley

    Dark versus light koa

    Like trees, no two are exactly alike. That’s what I like about wooden instruments. In the same way, to me no two ukuleles sound Exactly the same. (Same with pianos). In my opinion.🎶🤟
  11. quiltingshirley

    Did you ever forget you own a uke? AKA What is this?

    Yes I have. Opened a bag and thought where did that come from? After awhile I do remember and wonder why I bought it. That’s why many are hung on the wall so,I remember to play them.
  12. quiltingshirley

    How to play 2 G strings as one

    Pinch and pull, like for double stops? Do you mean as an exercise to making the fingerpicking sound smoother and more consistent?
  13. quiltingshirley

    How to play 2 G strings as one

    I need help in playing my octave G strings as one string when fingerpicking outside in. Is there an exercise or something? This ukulele is new to me but the action is low. Strumming is not a problem but the fingerpicking on Gs is not a consistent sound. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.🎶🤟
  14. quiltingshirley

    Confession Time

    You win, did look for a battery in mine.
  15. quiltingshirley

    Confession Time

    I’m so embarrassed, I bought a used ukulele that looked to be never touched or played. It was one I really wanted. I planned to have a pickup installed and noticed this one had a jack. Plugged it in and no sound. There was too much bracing inside for me to see anything. I took it to a song...
  16. quiltingshirley

    Gotoh Stealth Tuners

    So glad to find this discussion. I have a Kanile’a Willie K that has these tuners. I find them hard to turn, sort of like my old Pineapple Kamaka uke. They do seem to stay in tune. If they don’t last, what are folks doing if they need a new tuner? Something I never thought about before.
  17. quiltingshirley

    Honolulu ukulele shops excursions

    About 10 years we were on a uke cruise with Mike Lynch. we went on a factory tour with another couple. It was the old factory. Pops did the tour and when we finished he of corse talked story. None of us were very good players and I was very beginner level, never went beyond the 5th fret. Pops...
  18. quiltingshirley

    New to me Kanile’a SuperTenor

    It sounds wonderful. I changed out the strings to Kanile’a fluorocarbon 5 string (Worth), and changed the metal low g for a Worth brown. Much happier with the sound and finger tenderness. It has a passive pickup that will work with my old Bellinger amp but not the Bose we usually use. Have no...
  19. quiltingshirley

    Couldn't help myself after culling 23 bass ukes, I'm adding 2.

    Sounds right to me! 🎶🎶
  20. quiltingshirley

    New to me Kanile’a SuperTenor

    Yup, it might be several years old but I don’t think it got played, not a scratch. Changing the strings made a huge difference In everything. (And buying used made an enormous difference in cost) 😀
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