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  1. BigDaddyUker

    Bonanza Ukuleles are Back!

    Yes - they are going to have some of their new BONJOs there. A figure 8 shaped cajon of sorts with pickup.
  2. BigDaddyUker

    SOTU 593 - John, Paul, George and...Bongo??!

    Thanks for hosting Bob. Long time since I have been here....hopefully I can hit more than one week this time. This fits under the John category. Artist: John Prine Album: The Tree of Forgiveness Released: 2018
  3. BigDaddyUker

    Season 577 - Jingles!

    I am not sure if this is a jingle or not - but Joo needed a reason to buy another here is my effort to assist in that!!!
  4. BigDaddyUker

    SOTU 552 -- Am, F, G (or G7), and C ONLY

    No problem - I just glad you are alright!!!!
  5. BigDaddyUker

    just wondering...seasonal anticipation syndrone

    On a boat? On a plane? In a car or gone insane?
  6. BigDaddyUker

    SOTU 544 -- Tell the Tale!

    Lost my key several times - MY BAD - Another great story song.
  7. BigDaddyUker

    SOTU 544 -- Tell the Tale!

    I stumbled across this kid and this song - never heard of either but what a story that details the life of an imaginary best friend from conception to death by suicide.
  8. BigDaddyUker

    SOTU 544 -- Tell the Tale!

    First one that came to mind...
  9. BigDaddyUker

    SOTU 543: That Building is Brill!

    Well this is really cool - have never heard of this before. Thanks for hosting and thanks for the history lesson!!!!
  10. BigDaddyUker

    Season 542 - Lessons Learned

    Hopefully this counts - we all seem to be teachers at one time or another.
  11. BigDaddyUker

    SOTU 537 – “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.”

    I wanted to get more in but its been a crazy week - not sure if this one was done or not...didn't check...too many clouds in my coffee!!!
  12. BigDaddyUker

    536 - For All Your Gilberts

    Look what the cat drug in...long story but lucky to be here and very grateful to be here!!! I guess Boston was the obvious go to but never really listened to them but I did recognize this one....this is Amanda by Boston. I did put the wrong album cover in for the thumbnail....
  13. BigDaddyUker

    just wondering...seasonal anticipation syndrone

    I noticed 536 wasn't up yet - thought maybe things had changed since I have been absent....guess I will keep checking back!!!!
  14. BigDaddyUker


    I maybe should have let sleeping dogs lie on this one...
  15. BigDaddyUker

    Mya Moe #1698 Myrtle

    Up for sale is one of my Mya Moe tenors. It is 100% Master Grade Chocolate Heart Myrtle. I can send better pictures via email and/or answer any questions. If interested let me know. I also have a Gary Gill Resonator #57 that I will be posting. I will include the LR Bags preamp. Final...
  16. BigDaddyUker

    Seasons of the Ukulele 220 - The Rhinestone Cowboy

    This is basically exactly what the intro vid says...I am horrible at intro vids...totally I said 221, its really 220. I find that hosting the Seasons is kind of like Open Mic night. Some acts are easier to follow than others and we have had a string of tremendous seasons...
  17. BigDaddyUker

    just wondering...seasonal anticipation syndrone

    Too funny. I actually I am on United flight 722 about halfway to Phoenix.
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