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  1. uketanzon

    No longer available OFF MARKET Martin “Iz” Tribute Tenor & Martin “Stuff” added

    thanks for all the comments……she is back in her glass display case…..for now….ha. Need to rethink about selling it. Might be a good thing it did not sell. May have regretted it.
  2. uketanzon

    No longer available OFF MARKET Martin “Iz” Tribute Tenor & Martin “Stuff” added

    Off market…I fixed the binding issue myself. looks fine. no big deal. will keep for now.
  3. uketanzon

    No longer available OFF MARKET Martin “Iz” Tribute Tenor & Martin “Stuff” added

    I am second owner. Guy bought it from Wilcutt, then sold to me shortly after. Hardly played it, more into guitar these days. Been mostly in a display case. I checked with a local Martin authorized repair shop…said about $150 to reglue fix. it just lifted in those 2 spots…needs a spot of wood...
  4. uketanzon

    No longer available OFF MARKET Martin “Iz” Tribute Tenor & Martin “Stuff” added

    OFF MARKET …One of the first IZ martin ukes produced, low number #133, serial number 1705737. Originally bought from Wilcutt Guitars. I am second owner. I believe manufacture date was around 2012-2013? Spent most of its life in case with a Humidifyer. Rarely played. Needs to played, not just...
  5. uketanzon

    This post is now closed

    Thanks ! it is, and a lot of labor and work to make ….but fun. I have built and sold a number of unigue ukes. Stopped building because of a rotator cuff injury…too much pain. ,i
  6. uketanzon

    This post is now closed

    this post is now closed
  7. uketanzon

    Martin IZ Tenor, low serial number, Mint

    off market at this time
  8. uketanzon

    Martin IZ Tenor, low serial number, Mint

    OFF MARKET selling my low 3 digit Martin IZ Commemorative. Do not play it, just display it. 3 digit serial number. I made what I believe some positive additions, when I first acquired it years ago. - two stap pins have been installed - The top is buffed out a gloss finish which makes the...
  9. uketanzon

    1950 era Gretsch soprano

    Vintage 1950 era Gretsch soprano. Plays and sound fine. In very decent shape. $99 auction see
  10. uketanzon

    Various UKULELE DIY building supplies, $40

    Various UKULELE DIY building supplie Bunch of ukulele building supplies should you want to jump in and give it a try as a covid stay at home winter project see
  11. uketanzon

    Uke Building supplies Lot -tuners, Spuce top, reso parts, bracings, saddles, etc

    Due to upper and lower back issues, giving up my hobby Uke building. $125 OBO shipped takes it all 48 state domestic only 4 sets of tuners, new, including a grover set copper reso tin and wood plate reso hole cuteout temp place concert saddle placement temp plate 3 saddles various internal...
  12. uketanzon

    Old Vintage Gretsch Soprano for Sale

    Old but in pretty solid shape....tuner string...plays and sound fine. $175 obo see ad at
  13. uketanzon

    For Sale..Mint Koaloha Opio Long Neck Soprano

    Mint Koaloha Opio Long Neck Soprano, Mint, No issues , Very nice wood grain, with bag, $330 shipped us domestic only. better pictures here on reverb
  14. uketanzon

    for sale , Loprinzi Tenor Cherry

    325 shipped with case. No international shipments. pict and info at SOLD !!!!!!!!
  15. uketanzon

    custom DIY Flame maple/Koa super concert trade for guitar

    Wood crafts person who make ukes occassionally. Have a personally made tenor body size, concert neck flame maple and koa. Gotoh tuners. Bright, excellent note seperation, quick decay, that is maple. Sounds great amped....has knr pickup installed.....side sound port...sound pretty finger...
  16. uketanzon

    Trade wanted- Seeking vintage Martin Style 2 or kiwaya kts 7 or ??

    Have a few ukes for trade possibilities A mint nice loprinzi cherrywood tenor a mint koaloha opio long neck soprano
  17. uketanzon

    wanted: Ukulele Mold & building supplies

    getting into hobby uke building. looking for concert or soprano uke mold,
  18. uketanzon

    new flight Long Neck Soprano Tavel Uke TUSL

    new flight Long Neck Soprano Travel Uke TUSL I have been a fan of the flight TUS 35/50 travel ukes, with the wood tops and poly carbonate bodies. So, much we bought a bunch of them for our Ukulele children’s group. Their intonation is spot on, low action no buzz, zero fret, great...
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