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  1. The Epigrammic Poultry

    Looking to buy: Pono Mahogany Tenor (or other tenor of similar price/quality!)

    Hey, I'm Graham, based in Ireland. I'm currently in the market for something like a Pono MT/MTD tenor uke if anyone is looking to sell! However, I would also be interested in offers of other relatively similar all-solid ukes like a Pono acacia or any other high quality make of tenor uke...
  2. The Epigrammic Poultry

    Heaven's Gate by Graham Jong-Il (original)

    Heyas! I love the forum! I wrote a song here called Heaven's Gate. It's about a cult in the nineties of the same name. In general, it draws on a lot of things, I guess sort of identity and depression and a bunch of other stuff. Draw what thou wilt from. I'm not too sure if it's any good...
  3. The Epigrammic Poultry


    This is a song I've written called Baphomet. It's kind of dwelling on an intense, consuming obsession of mine, and how worship can turn dark and destructive. I'd love for you to let me know what you what you think, be it positive or negative...
  4. The Epigrammic Poultry

    The winding on the g-string of my baritone wearing extremely quickly

    Hey, I recently got an Oscar Schmidt baritone, tuned DGBE, and I'm loving it only for two problems with my G-string. I have changed the strings and I've had the same problem with both sets to an extent, though with the second it's been much worse. They are Aquilas with two wound. a) Within the...
  5. The Epigrammic Poultry

    "Hey!" from some 'ukulele-playing Irish young lad

    Hey, I'm Graham, I've been playing since April, and I have to say from what I've seen from lurking, this seems like an absolutely lovely forum. I first got into the uke from Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls (I'm on the DD forum, The Shadowbox, come over and say hey if you ever down that neck...
  6. The Epigrammic Poultry

    Song Help Request Mein Herr - Cabaret

    Here's the Dresden Dolls version for guitar: Currently working on it for guitar myself.
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