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  1. vacuousnacho

    Here Comes the Sun

    I would say this is the best one. My music teacher actually gave me this one to learn with.
  2. vacuousnacho

    Jake at the Birchmere last night was amazing

    Hey guys, I went and saw Jake in Alexandria, Virginia last night and he absolutely blew me away. Go for Broke was the most beautiful song he played; it's funny cause I never realized how much I loved the song when I listened to it on the recording. I guess hearing it live made all the...
  3. vacuousnacho

    Jake at the Birchmere in Alexandria VA, anyone?

    I'll be there on February 8th, just wondering if any of you guys are coming out?
  4. vacuousnacho

    Wire from Misi pick up rattling

    I got a misi pick up installed and when I got it back it was buzzing really badly. I called the guy who installed it, and he basically just acted like a complete asshole, told me he did the best he could and that I should fix it myself. I've tried fixing this, I've gotten it in a position where...
  5. vacuousnacho

    Gaaaaaahhh, what happened to twelvefrets?

    Anyone know?
  6. vacuousnacho

    What amp do you use?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering because I just used my X-mas money to buy a mi-si pick up and I'm trying to decide what amp I should start saving my money for so I'm curious what amps ya'll use?
  7. vacuousnacho

    Song Help Request Break Down-Jack Johnson

    Hey no problem dude just check out Aldrine's tutorial, that's how I learned it:
  8. vacuousnacho

    First Vid; Breakdown

    Hey guys, I've been playing for about 3 months and this is my first video, still working on my skills. It's also a little outta a sync. Comments and criticism would be nice =]
  9. vacuousnacho

    Solid body electric ukes, yay or nay?

    Just wondering what you guys think. I've heard that some people think that electric ukes are some sort of abomination. I can kinda see both sides of it, but I have to go with yay to solid body electric ukes. I mean, ukuleles are just plain amazing the way they are, but what's wrong with...
  10. vacuousnacho


    This sounds really cool, I live in Charlottesville so I'm real close to ya'll. November 9th appears to be a Tuesday so I can't really make it since I go to school but if ya'll ever have a weekend session I'll definitely try to make it out.
  11. vacuousnacho

    When chunking, do you hit the body of it?

    Ok, so I looked at the Uke Minutes for chunking, but I can't really tell if you're supposed to hit the body of your uke after coming down and dampening the strings?
  12. vacuousnacho

    Haha, haven't been a member of a message board since I was like 12 O_o

    Hey guys, what's goin' on? My name is Jak, and I'm from Virginia. I started playing ukulele about a month or so ago but I've already fallen in love with it. Right now I'm learning how to play George Harrison's "Something" I'm a junior in highschool and it's great to be here. =]
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