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    Rugby Songs

    This will be a very long introduction to the question, but I'm hoping I can tell the story interestingly. First a caveat: I'm not a very good uke player. I've been playing for a couple of years but have not put much time in it, nor am I particularly talented with my fingers. I can play...
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    I did something stupid Today

    I don't want to be a smarty pants, because I don't do this sort of work, but there is a product that might help with this sort of thing, if I could suggest it (just by way of trying to be helpful). Finger Cots.
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    Song Help Request Not Fade Away

    I'm still a bit confused with changing keys. If you moved up so that your E was a G could you play it with G, C & F? It's a Bo Diddly beat isn't it?
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    New US Copyright Laws

    There are two new bills in the US Congress right now about internet copyrights. I don't know all the particulars, but it looks like if they pass everyone who covers a copyrighted song could spend 5 years in jail. What will this do to uke videos?
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    Uke Number 2 for Christmas

    I know it's a long way off yet, but my wife is going to need a lot of convincing (she just doesn't understand why anyone would need more than one ukulele). I got a Lanikai LU21 last Christmas and have played it nearly everyday since. I'm not really all that good, but I'm having fun and have...
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    Song Help Request spongebob theme chords?

    Still no chords for this? I just wanted to bump the thread because I've been looking for the theme myself. I found the F.U.N. song, but not the theme, what the hey?!
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    Song Help Request Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton - Chord help!!!

    I think that's the version I have too. I can't remember where I downloaded it from, if it was here or not. I would caution that the chords changes don't exactly happen where they wrote them (at least in the version I have). Sometime they are right before the word, sometimes during and...
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    Uke Shop in Lake County Illinois

    I'm in Mundelein, IL (near Libertyville). There are two or three music shops nearby, but none has more than about 2 ukes. Anybody know of a uke shop in Lake or McHenry counties? I'd rather not drive down to the city if I can help it. Thanks.
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    Soprano for Scout Campfire

    I would like to be able to lead songs at Boy Scout campfires, but I'm afraid that my soprano might be too quiet and I understand that concerts and tenors are louder. Is this true? Will my Lanikai be loud enough (kind of hoping the answer is no so I have more ammunition with which to convince...
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    Song Help Request Ukulele duets?

    I was listening to "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" this morning and I was thinking that it would be nice to find some duet that I could sing and play that would move my wife to sing too. I've finally gotten good enough on chords that I can play a familiar tune and it gets recognized and people...
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    Bad Early Review

    So I got my Lanikai LU-21 for Christmas and I've practiced everyday at least a little bit. A couple of nights ago my wife and 9yo were dancing in the kitchen to no music. I jumped up to grab my ukulele and provide some. They all yelled, "NO!" My wife, my baby daughter and my two teen...
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    Put Your City on the UU Map!

    Hey, I can finally put my pin on the map, since I was waiting to actually BE a uke owner before I stuck it. Mundelein, IL, USA
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    Don't put it in your mouth

    Well, I was just going to blow the blue monsters off, until Aslan told me, now I'll never put anything in my mouth until I ask someone I love.
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    What is the easiest Christmas song/carol?

    We do Christmas over at my Mom's house on New Year's weekend. I got a uke for Christmas. All these 9 chord Christmas songs/carols are pretty hard. Is there an easy one I could learn?
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    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    Wow that's even closer to my house than Montrose and Western. I'm subscribing and drooling. Maybe, just maybe I can convince my wife to go out to dinner and... I grew up just down the street from Wells Park btw, at Montrose and Kostner, St. Edward's parish can I get a shout out?
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    Please help me match Ends with Means

    Hi, I'm new and this is my first post. I've looked at quite a few "what to get" threads and I thought it might be best to describe my situation and desired Ends so it might be easier to help me find my ukulele Means to get there. I played sax from 2nd grade through High School, and I still own...
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