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  1. gioconbrio

    Would you pay a hundred bucks for this ukulele album?

    Me neither. So just download it for free. Enjoy!
  2. gioconbrio

    My Ukulele Wedding pt. 2: free album

    One more thing, our wedding favor was our first album, specially recorded for the event. Now I want to share it with you. You can download it here: It's "name your price," which is to say free. After all the work we put into it, I'd rather people actually...
  3. gioconbrio

    My Ukulele Wedding

    My wife and I got married in April. There were a lot of ukuleles at the wedding. Our friends surprised us with this rendition of the theme song for She-Ra Princess of Power:
  4. gioconbrio

    Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds cover

    We played an art show last Friday. The projections were a surprise.
  5. gioconbrio

    Occupy Wall Street hip hop uke anthem

    My friend Jon Braman wrote this song. I shot the video (except the news footage, of course) and another friend edited it.
  6. gioconbrio

    What's Love Got To Do With It?

    Third song from our Valentine's Day set:
  7. gioconbrio

    I Believe in a Thing Called Love

    More from the Valentine's Ukulele Cabaret.
  8. gioconbrio

    Happy Valentine's Day from Klaus Nomi and the War Ponies

    From the Ukulele Cabaret this past Friday in NYC.
  9. gioconbrio

    ukuleles, cats and a transvestite elf - Silent Night

    This is from the Ukulele Cabaret in NYC last Friday.
  10. gioconbrio

    Some Oingo Boingo for Halloween

    From the NYC Ukulele Cabaret last week.
  11. gioconbrio

    Push It - Salt n Pepa

    A performance from Frank's Ukulele Bash and Revival in Provincetown this past weekend. Percussion provided by my toy drum machine from the 80's.
  12. gioconbrio

    homemade Callioforte and ukulele

    I'm working on a movie about a street performer named Leonard Solomon I used to watch frequently when I was a kid. After finishing the filming for my documentary, we had some spare time to play music. I kept forgetting the name of this song, calling it "Johnny in the Hills," and reversing the...
  13. gioconbrio

    It's my birthday, you get the presents

    It's true, I'm 30. And I finally decided to set up a site where I can share my recordings. I have 12 tracks, three of which are brand new, three are originals, most involve ukulele, and all are available to download for free. This site only allows me 200 free...
  14. gioconbrio

    Uke Squat on Governor's Island, NYC, Memorial weekend

    This Sunday. Hope to see some of you there. The weather is supposed to be nice.
  15. gioconbrio

    Uke Squat on Governor's Island, NYC, Memorial weekend

    Governor's Island is officially open May 29th, and is kicking off with a massive food and beer fest. And best of all, anyone who comes carrying a ukulele gets in free. That's right, free, so tell your friends. We'll have a portion of lawn designated for us, and from noon till 4 pm we'll have...
  16. gioconbrio

    free online music hosting recommendations (as in, please give me some)

    I have a myspace account for my music, but don't really use it anymore. I'm looking for a good site that will host my songs for free and allow people to download them, again, for free.
  17. gioconbrio

    Mr. Cushing and the Nice Men - full reunion tour set

    Here is our full set from the Ukulele Cabaret in April. He's Doing Time in Jail - Wesley Willis cover Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G. cover Quando a Mare Encher - Nacao Zumbi cover Don't Put it in Your Mouth - Canadian PSA cover
  18. gioconbrio

    The greatest love song ever written...

    And if you disagree, Meatloaf will come and raid your fridge.
  19. gioconbrio

    Mechanical Ukulele

    I love mechanically controlled instruments and I love the ukulele. This is the greatest intersection of the two that I've ever seen.
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