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  1. Surly-Mac

    Strings Aquila carbon black -new strings

    I followed this thread with great interest.... is there a demo/review of the new strings⁉️
  2. Surly-Mac

    I really like this one....

    This one's worth a listen!
  3. Surly-Mac

    Check out this young man's music!

    Come and meet Bruno da Silva ("outlawdasilva") on YouTube - some of you will really appreciate his talent:
  4. Surly-Mac

    just wondering...seasonal anticipation syndrone

    Funny stuff! But on Long Island... it really is​ two feet!
  5. Surly-Mac

    Ohana bari & Here's That Rainy Day

    Fresh from the Mim's-Box, my Ohana BK-35G with The Constant Uke Noodler...
  6. Surly-Mac

    Comes Love (Nothing Can Be Done)

    Nothing to do with ukulele, that's certain... but I'm a long time subscriber to Todd Gates YouTube channel because he lays down some really fine & interesting stuff. This is solo piano for a series of video performances he calls, "Music for Blues Dancing"... Todd is also a terrific blues...
  7. Surly-Mac

    Noodlin' my uke instead of planning...

    My love Bride & I will be celebrating spending 40-years together in a few days - so, am I busy planning the "Big Bash"? Not so much...
  8. Surly-Mac

    Everything I've learned about ukulele strings....

    This video is designed to entertain & inform folks who might be like me (i.e., low-talent but persistent uke players) of everything I know about ukulele strings after 8 months of testing & research. This is Surly-Mac’s DEFINITIVE Ukulele String Review - the main subject is the Ko’olau Alohi...
  9. Surly-Mac

    "Love Death and Other Ailments"

    I found this link on a site called, "Humble Baritonics" - I loved the experience:
  10. Surly-Mac

    Webcam test #2 - Original Song/Ditty "I Used To Know"

    I recently got a new webcam. Here's my second test video with the Logitech C930e, used to record my original song/ditty/thingie called, "I Used To Know". What's a Ditty? ditty |ˈditē| noun (pl. ditties) a short simple song: a lovely little music-hall ditty. ORIGIN Middle English: from Old...
  11. Surly-Mac

    Testing a new webcam

    I got a new webcam yesterday (Logitech C930e) so I’m trying that out. I spent most of the day reading online about how you CANNOT use this camera to make HD videos on a Mac… unless you are willing to spend BIG BUCKS on special video production software. After trying about a zillion...
  12. Surly-Mac

    The Seasonista Anthem !

    ( "Wel-come to the Ho-tel Sea-sonista..."... I get it. :cool:)
  13. Surly-Mac

    Surly-Mac covers, "Rocket Man"...

    I was testing some microphone solutions today and had some fun with a cover of "Rocket Man" - just trying to figure out how to mic soft vocals with ukulele accompaniment.
  14. Surly-Mac

    Sam the Cat & Surly-Mac cover "I'm Over You"

    The YouTube notes say: Sam the (black) Cat & Surly-Mac… My closest male friend for the past 15-years has been Samson the black cat. Like all interspecies relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs… with the scars to prove it. (At least, I have real bite & claw scars….) Sam truly loves to...
  15. Surly-Mac

    Living Water Low G Strings on Pono Tenor

    When I wanted to learn about Ken Middleton’s Living Water Strings in Low G, I was unable to find a short, simple sound sample that I could relate to; that doesn't mean there aren't great samples out there… I just didn't find it! So, I hope this might be a helpful sound sample for those wanting...
  16. Surly-Mac

    A short Pono-graphic tale...

    I know... "it's just a Pono"... but I'm in love with the thing. I ordered this one with South Coast HML-RW strings & Andrew included a set of Oasis (Warm) low G to try; I think the SC strings are a bit too tense for my aged, untalented fingers and the Oasis set seems to work better for me...
  17. Surly-Mac

    How can I embed video in a post?

    Disclaimer: I'm old and not the sharpest knife in the computer-drawer! I see embedded video in posts all over the forum... but I can't seem to figure out how to do it on my iMac. The "insert video" option (or bracketed "video" & "/video") results in a link, not embedded video. (I've searched...
  18. Surly-Mac

    How can I embed video in a post?

    Sorry - wrong forum.
  19. Surly-Mac

    NUD Pono ATSH Pro Classic Tenor

    The Pono arrived yesterday from the fine folks at HMS. I'm already messing with the strings ('cause I can, I guess) so 1 & 2 are Oasis Warm, 3 & 4 are South Coast HML-RW. I thought to show off the uke in a short video clip, including an unprocessed quick sound sample - neither is very good but...
  20. Surly-Mac

    Hello from Queens-New York USA

    I joined this forum five years ago but now that I'm playing every day I'm finally checking in. I'm an old, crumpled guy who sings & plays (sort of) music on ukulele, keyboards & blues harmonica. Once in a while I record something & post it on YouTube, usually so I can easily send a musical...
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