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  1. Crazyviking

    Howdy from Indiana

    Aloha!! From North Carolina. I am fairly new here too (almost up to 3 chords) We are considering moving to SE Indiana, Columbus more specifically. You will find this is a great group with lots of info. Norm
  2. Crazyviking

    Need an Instructor in Wake Forest NC (or Raleigh)

    I have done some on the internet but need actual help. I have found a couple of places $35 - 45 per half hour. Is there anything in particular I should look for when picking someone to teach me? Thanks Norm
  3. Crazyviking

    The Gift of Uke

    My Wife got me my first one. So I am a yes and a no. I paid for one, and got one.
  4. Crazyviking

    Tuner question, (overkill?)

    well thanks for all the help I ended up going with the D'Addario NS Micro. It was a relief that it fit the head on my KoAloha. Y'all are great MAHALO! Norm
  5. Crazyviking

    Can't decide on a stick-on sound hole. Poll: round or ƒ?

    I think I agree with #3 No Sticker.
  6. Crazyviking

    Tuner question, (overkill?)

    I am kinda getting that feeling. It does remind me of the game guitar hero, and I am not a gamer. I my have to switch to the lessons here once the Christmas bills are paid.
  7. Crazyviking

    Tuner question, (overkill?)

    Yea my wife knew I was researching, my plan was to get a uke with a solid top in the $150 range. Some day if I played ok I was going to get one of the "K" Hawaiian Made one. Well she got me a KoAloha KCM-00. I have logged over 2 hours on Yousician and can't play at all. Turns out is harder...
  8. Crazyviking

    Tuner question, (overkill?)

    Is it me, but it looks like that is just plastic won't it potentially scratch the head? Also I have a KoAloha so the head stock has a different shape.
  9. Crazyviking

    Tuner question, (overkill?)

    I just got my first Ukulele, I am using an app on the phone to tune. It seems ok to me but I can see the need for a clip on if you ever end up anyplace with back ground noise. I have been researching them and am impressed with the Peterson Stroboclip. I have seen an online review that dinged...
  10. Crazyviking

    Strap hole question

    I am looking at a uke online a strap button has been added to the bottom and is no longer there. It looks to me as though it has been ripped out as opposed to simply unscrewed. I don't know if there are different sizes of screws. How hard or expensive is something like this to fix? Here is a...
  11. Crazyviking

    Aloha From NC!

    I have never played a string instrument. I have played a piano Many Many Years ago. Recently I decided I wanted to give Ukulele a chance. I keep going down many rabbit holes trying to select one. I know I don't want a cheep one but I don't want to spend a fortune. I am not planning on...
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