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    Bonanza Ukuleles are Back!

    The rumor is true. Someone told me that I was being talked about here. I will be taking a limited number of orders for winter production. I am restarting a new website with details. It has been an interesting year. My #1 Son was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer in...
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    Bonanza Homestead Line

    Mike, here is my start.
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    Seeking a weird baritone

    How about a strat?
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    8 string Baritone.

    I finished an 8 string baritone in our Amoeba shape this weekend. Crafted from solid Alder. Love the tone I've never heard one before. I will be building more.
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    Build 138 and 139

    I completed 2 new builds today. One in Black Walnut and one in Quaking Aspen. Both are Baritone scale in my Amoeba shape.
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    Machining a body on the cnc

    I build my ukes a bit different. I machine my tops and bottoms on the cnc leaving the kerfling as part of the top and base. Then I attach the sides. Here is a video of a top being machined out. This was from a live broadcast on Facebook so you will hear me responding to questions.
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    Sound hole fun

    Here is my current build. A baritone solid black walnut in my Amoeba shape. Again, customer request on the laser design.
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    Sound hole fun

    Having fun with my laser.
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