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    Stewmac Concert

    Here is my 5th ukulele build: a Stewmac Concert I am using this build to improve my inlay and binding skills, and to work on correcting mistakes made in previous builds. Here is the plan: - add ebony fretboard and headstock overlay - fabricate bridge from a block of ebony - MOP trapezoid...
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    Stewmac Koa Tenor

    Here is my fourth build, still in progress. A Stewmac solid koa tenor. Problems started right when I opened the box. The neck had a terrible twist. Sides did not match. The bent sides did not match the plan. I sent an email to Stewmac. SM immediately sent a replacement kit, and told me to pick...
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    Stewmac Soprano

    Here is my second ukulele built from a kit: Stewmac mahogany soprano. I'm making ukuleles to build up my lutherie skills. Eventually, I want to build both acoustic guitars and ukes. So with each ukulele build I am adding more features and details. I followed the Stewmac plans for this build...
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