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    Bruno Tenor Banjo

    @ Rhiggi: I don't think it is a banjolele. Tenor banjos are using steel strings. Tuned differently to a uke, although I believe it is adaptable...
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    Baritone ukulele strings

    I use Worth Brown, and a feature that I started noticing is that they are friendly on your fingers, when compared to wound strings. They are more expensive, but you get twice the length. On the tenors etc. I like Aquila
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    Tenor and Classical Guitars

    I see the TG has a guitar humbucker fitted.
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    Uke Scales - Diagrams

    Very Nice Diagrams . Thank You. Initially (approx. 2 years ago) it was confusing for me. The diagram shows where all the notes are for the major scale (32 positions on uke fretboard). So there are many ways to solo on the scale notes, and your fretting hand can go up the neck or down the neck or...
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    Swing 42 tabs

    Interesting, but which programme do you use to slow the video down with? What happens when you like a song, but the video has no close up of a fretboard, or is played with a clarinet for example ?
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    CAGFD Chord chart, am i correct?

    If you run out off fretboard, switch to another minor, major or 7th shape.
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    Song Help Request Careless Love Madeleine Peyroux in G

    Madleine Peyroux Careless Love (G) Good Morning everybody, I have worked out the dominant (drone) rhythm chords for this song on Soprano uke. I am trying to get the same pattern going on Baritone Uke. But it sounds slightly different ? I am stuck with 2 options at the moment...
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    Song Help Request Best Beginner Songs?

    Have a look at these web pages, if not happy, get stuck into the links on those webpages.
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    Song Help Request Brown Eyed Girl - something lower than G?

    To Transpose I use this internet Programme which I use to transpose to the key of choice. The results thereof I copy & paste to MS Word ! Works like a dream for me. Chordie has it as well, but the text is "boxed" (not sure what the official term is) ? If you want to...
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    Happy NUD!: custom Brüko longneck

    We bought these in March 2009. Strung with Aquila. Banjo type sound, lots of character. I see your fret markers are black.
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    Show me your KoAloha's :D

    @Petey, I'd be keen to hear from you how the Koaloha compares with Martin?
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    Winter has arrived in the North UK

    Hi Timbuck, A question if I may: I was asked to fit a new neck (electric guitar) to an existing body. The width needed a bit of sanding, and thereafter I could slide the neck into the cut-out of the body. The problem is : It sits snug in the body slot, but it sits too high and strings...
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    Router Table Queries

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2nd hand home made router table with a cheap Makita router mounted on a piece of perspex in the centre. The problem is adjusting the height of the cutter, which can be done, but I have to remove the fence everytime and repeat the whole set up procedure, which is a pain...
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    Sinfonico Honolulu

    A heads up here for an italian ukulele orchestra. Their cover "Sympathy for the devil" has the most views, but "take a walk on the wild side" I enjoyed as well.
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    Contractually Obligated

    Hi everybody, Today after quite a few attempts, and with the latest Skype and Chatting technologies available to any online customer, I located three items that I need on the internet. After I had put everything in the basket and wanted to pay with my Paypal account, there was a drop down...
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    Laminate Uke Question.

    Laminate Uke Question. Are the sound properties of a ukulele build out of a solid wood (Koa, Mahogany), reproduced (detectable in terms of the wood?) when the same sized ukulele is built out of a Koa or Mahogany laminate?
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    Bookmatched neck? Bruko/Brueko Ukulele

    Here are two photos just before the instruments were sent out to us ! You will notice that there is no book matching.
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    String Questions Kala & Ashbory

    Are the strings on these small bass instruments one and the same, or does Kala use different strings to Ashbory? Are the strings interchangeable ( from the one bass to the other?) I thought the string colours were different (going on the youtube clips)? For Kala there was mention of an oilseal...
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    Logging in & out

    Good Afternoon everybody . When I am in my lunch hour at work, I like to read the Uke Bulletin Board, and that is "open time" for us, as during working hours the sites are blocked. At work I log out when I am finished, and as the pc leaves the site, there is a notice that it cleared all the...
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