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    new passion...

    after nearly 3 years playing ukulele, which is my first instrument, I started guitar 3 months ago... wanted another spaces, another vibrations... so I bought a parlor guitar... it's hard... harder than ukulele... but I keep trying...
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    Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band) / WARNING : pussycat inside...

    played with my cheap Hora/Blue Moon little baritone...
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    Looking for a translator...

    I was wondering if someone would be interested in translating this french song I wrote : it's some kind of love thug blues song about a guy always listening to his always talking wife...
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    Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

    on simple Blue Moon (Hora) mahogany baritone...
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    Banjo uke Harley Benton BJU-10

    this is a cheap instrument, less than 100 € in Europe, here is my french review.
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    Anuenue Mini C (mahogany)

    this is a cheap instrument (nearly 100 € in Europe), half soprano, half concert... and here is my french review...
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    Kala soprano longneck ka-slng

    hi, this is my french review, but you can hear how it sounds...
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    Blind-test 4 solid mahogany sopranos

    the sames as here : some french friends told me they couldn't choose and asked me a better quality recording, so here is the blind-test :
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    My Favorite Things

    love your poetic playing, Mike... so delicate, profund and beautiful...
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    4 solid mahogany sopranos...

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    french blues...

    french loving smiling blues... (soprano Ohana concert neck)
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    Dylan on tenor EAC#F#

    often covered, but I love it... it is played on my Kala solid cedar top tenor ukulele... thank you.
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    Somes ukes for sale in France

    this is here : "Y a-t-il un français dans la salle ?" :)
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    Somes of my originals here : here is the last one : thank you !
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    I pity the poor immigrant...
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    "Close to You" (The Carpenters)

    written by Burt Bacharach... love this song... this should had been sung by a young lady, but... I did my best... thank you for listening...
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    Here's a little dance I wrote...

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