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    What the Piece?

    Hello! What the Piece?
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    Daniel Estrem's arrangements

    His albums
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    Song Help Request Close to you

    Hi! Anyone have tabs - Close to you (Shimabukuro version/Dominator)?
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    Daniel Estrem's arrangements

    Hello! Where find arrangements by Daniel Estrem?
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    Tabs/Chords Two Brazil pieces: Gaúcho + Odeon

    Thank you very much! Can you share these tabs?
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    Question about Jewish song hits for Ukulele (arr. Dick Sheridan)

    Hi! Does anyone have this book? These arrangements for solo ukulele or for singing?
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    Song Help Request Inspiration by Gipsy Kings Ukulele Tabs

    Hello! I'm looking for Inspiration Tabs.
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    John king chopsticks
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    5 new arrangements posted on the website today.
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    10 new arrangements posted on the website today.
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    Arrangements for the ukulele of the russian authors are posted on the website (with videos and GuitarPro files). The main sections on the website are translated into English. All of you will understand. Try.
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    New arrangement by Balalaykin (Victor Kozlowsky) Берёзовый сок
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    Thanks for kind words! Two new arrangements by Balalaykin (Victor Kozlowsky): The Romance "Утро туманное" The Romance "На заре ты её не буди"
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    Russian arrangements for Ukulele -
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    Garota de Ipanema / Girl from Ipanema

    Good! I'm glad! I found it here
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