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  1. lonsilog

    Song Help Request straight up Andrew Garcia version

    Bm---Em---G---F#7 (That's the whole song) Note: In Andrew's version, he has a capo on the 9th and plays these chords: Em---Am---C---B7 So if you want to play along with Andrew then just capo the 2nd and play Bm--Em--G--F#7 on your uke
  2. lonsilog

    Banduria players?

    Just wondering if anyone else plays a bandurria? Or a laud, or an octavina?
  3. lonsilog

    UU California Tour 2010

    Thanks for the announcement. Hope to meet everyone at Berkeley, or SF, or anywhere in the Bay Area.
  4. lonsilog

    San Francisco Nihonmachi Street Fair - Peace Plaze Ho'olaule'a Stage

    Good to know. Now I know what I am doing that weekend.
  5. lonsilog

    Song Help Request Me & Shirley T tabs

    hmm.... nice vid. i'll try to follow, but tabs would be much easier for me (i think)
  6. lonsilog

    San Francisco/Bay Area meet up?

    wha-wha-what?! there's a local uke club?! oh please keep me in the loop!
  7. lonsilog

    FS Kala KA-ST Tenor Spruce top full body *SOLD

    FOR SALE: This is a Kala KA-ST tenor size ukulele. Solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides. Traditional white and black bindings. Chrome die-cast tuners. Check out Kala's website for more specs: This is a very standard no-frills ukulele. No...
  8. lonsilog

    Pono Koa Tenor PKT-1

    Hi all, I'm considering buying a Pono PKT1 tenor solid(?) koa ukulele. I thought I read somewhere (not @UU forums) that the Pono PKT-1 is not a solid koa, but a solid mahogany with koa laminate over. Since then, I cannot find the review, and I cannot find enough info regarding this particular...
  9. lonsilog

    want to replace friction pegs with geared tuners

    Hi all, I recently "acquired" a new uke, but it will come with friction peg tuners (it should arrive this week). I have no experience with friction pegs, and I've read beaucoup de posts about friction vs geared. Though I really should wait to see if I would like them, I am the type to already...
  10. lonsilog

    Song Help Request Viva la vida by coldplay

    Not only am I impressed with Aldrine's mad skillz... I am equally impressed with Melissa being able to pull this out of the net.
  11. lonsilog

    a bit of uke history?

    Does anyone know (or know of a link) a bit of history regarding the uke design? Specifically, was there a point when wood was used for the nut and saddle? I ask because I am wondering why some makers (Kelii, KPK) still use rosewood for the nut and saddle, and not tusq or ivory or even ebony if...
  12. lonsilog

    Hello! from the Bay Area

    I've posted a few times now, without any formal introductions. Not that I have bad manners (at least I don't think I have bad manners), but because I just never got around to it. I got my first uke a month ago (a Kala KA-S) when I got my 3 y.o. daughter a pink Makala for Christmas. We've...
  13. lonsilog

    any advice and suggestions for purchasing a ukulele

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Kala KA-S as a stepping stone into the ukulele world. It is for my daughter to grow into, in the meantime I got her a pink Mahalo for christmas. So she plays the Kala for the time being. I purchased the uke online, but unfortunately not from mgm. :eek: The...
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