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  1. jbm

    Martin 5K mismatched tuners

    Although I bought this almost a year ago, I recently noticed that the tuner on the C string is different from the other three. For lack of a better description, it’s “shorter”. It really doesn’t affect anything but could this possibly be intentional for some reason? If not then it’s kind of...
  2. jbm

    Distortion from overtones with pickup

    Have a Martin S1 with LR Baggs 5.0. When amplified it's making overtones enough to cause distortion. Example; if fretting 0 0 1 2 an overtone is produced equivalent to 2nd string 4th fret. This distorts the overall sound terribly. Just an example. Does it in other areas of the fret board as...
  3. jbm

    Kamaka pineapple

    Is this style from the 1970's? Anybody know? Seems to have a koa neck.
  4. jbm

    The Christmas Song

  5. jbm

    Back In The USSR

    Playing around with Fishman Loudbox Artist. Vocal - Shure SM58 Kamaka HF-1 - Shure SM57
  6. jbm

    Ooo Baby Baby

    Some Motown on the uke.
  7. jbm

    New bridge for old Martin

    Here are a couple more shots of it.(with original bridge intact). It's a keeper, and a great player. :-)
  8. jbm

    New bridge for old Martin

    Shout out to Paul Unkert in Toms River NJ for the beautiful job on this reproduction bridge for my 1920 style 1 soprano. Strings just kept popping out of the old bridge slots.
  9. jbm

    Summer Breeze

    Ahhh Summertime is almost here
  10. jbm

    On The Street Where You Live

    Always liked Dean Martin's version of this so I thought I would give it a try.
  11. jbm

    The Christmas Song

  12. jbm

    Uke New Jersey 3! August 28-30, 2015 in Morristown, NJ

    Is there food available at the venue?
  13. jbm

    Uke New Jersey 3! August 28-30, 2015 in Morristown, NJ

    What time will activities start on Saturday?
  14. jbm

    Save Us: Paul McCartney song

    So stoked to see Paul McCartney in June. Worked up a uke version of one of Paul's tunes
  15. jbm

    Booking web sites

    Has anyone had any experience getting gigs with any of the booking web sites like GigSalad or Gigmasters? Seems like you would be able to make back the signup fees after 1 or 2 gigs.
  16. jbm

    Best years for vintage Martins?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. This is what I wound up with. Style 1 circa 1920. It has fret markers at 5, 7, and 9. Maple nut and saddle so it's pretty early. Played it along side a 1930 and 1940 and the tone is just monstrous compared to those. The tuners and a back brace have been replaced...
  17. jbm

    Best years for vintage Martins?

    Are there certain years of range of years that are more desirable for vintage Martin sopranos? Desirable in terms of sound not just collectible value.
  18. jbm

    Too many wraps on tuner post?

    Is it true that wrapping a string too many times around the tuner post will cause tuning problems. Just recently put some T2's on Kamaka soprano. They are well stretched and settled but constantly drift out of tune even after warmed up and played for a while.
  19. jbm

    F/S: Islander MC-4 Concert

    F/S: Islander MC-4 Concert: Additional pics Additional pics of the Islandcer MC-4 and Uke Crazy case
  20. jbm

    F/S: Islander MC-4 Concert

    Reduced to $100.00 Plus shipping For Sale: Islander MC-4 concert uke Very good condition Currently strung with Worth CM's Will also leave a set of Nyltech and Aquila strings in the case Saddle was replaced with the current compensated saddle that Kanilea is using Price includes the Uke Crazy...
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