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    Steel Ukuleles

    Nothing beats the coolness of vintage National ukes. Here I compare four style 1s: Some more rare ones in this video (including a National uke-banjo):
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    Show us your ukes!

    Most of my current ukulele collection... (and my daughter Dixie)
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    Had a Ukulelezaza Masterclass today!

    Aloha! Indeed I have a tablature book+dvd available featuring 16 solo arrangements of songs from the golden jazz era, plus several strumming techniques. All shown in close-up on the dvd. The book also features information and plenty of pictures of vintage ukuleles, mostly Martin and National...
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    Rare Martin Style 3 taropatch with OHSC

    Aloha, I'm selling my late 1920s Martin style 3 taropatch to finance another instrument. It comes with a lovely and rare ohsc with green lining. A great combo. The taropatch sounds and plays like a dream. There are some repaired and unrepaired cracks and some glue residue on the back, but this...
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