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  1. CoffeeJunkee

    Ukulele World Congress 1.0 - The Aftermath

    That just rocked my face off!
  2. CoffeeJunkee

    Ukulele World Congress 1.0 - The Aftermath

    I'd pay extra for that.... some kind of crazed ukulele superhero look! Awesome!
  3. CoffeeJunkee

    Ukulele World Congress 1.0 - The Aftermath

    Glowsticks and sparklers and stickers. Oh, my!
  4. CoffeeJunkee

    A Doctor Who feature film in the works?

    Tucked away in a BBC article about David Tennant appearing in two episodes of Elisabeth Sladen's Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures (the third series should air in September) is a blurb from a spokeswoman confirming that "a script is in development" for a feature film treatment. No details...
  5. CoffeeJunkee

    Ukulele World Congress in S.Indiana

    Ditto!.... I hope to be a next years if it happens!.... I will be saving my pennies!
  6. CoffeeJunkee

    One of the greatest nautical disasters in history

    This is a cover of one of the biggest nautical disasters in history.
  7. CoffeeJunkee

    Blowin' in the Wind CoffeeMate) Dylan cover

    I caught my wife playing Bob Dylan and recorded her without her knowing. She didnt know she was on video until she was finished and caught me playing withh the camera....This is the only way I can get any videos of her posted. She did concent to me posting this. here's the link if you want to...
  8. CoffeeJunkee

    Knocking on Heavens Door (Dylan)

    One of my favorite song by one of the greatest living songwriters.... It's a crime what I do to it..... But, I'm still new. Just over 2 months. Heres the link
  9. CoffeeJunkee

    I got deached!

    :music: The title about says it all! hers the video. Thanks Deach
  10. CoffeeJunkee

    St. Louis, MO.

    Any uke players in the St. Louis area? We would love to meet up with you.
  11. CoffeeJunkee

    Cry Love by John Hiatt

    I just posted my first ukulele video. I have only been playing about six weeks, so please understand....LOL
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