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    George Harrison and the Uke... I remember hearing a story that he used to keep spare ukes in his trunk to give away to people.
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    Show us your ukes!

    What wood is that? Cool grain pattern.
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    Journey Instruments OF660 travel guitar UPDATE!!!!!

    I just got one of these last week. So far I haven't taken it anywhere and I've found the easiest way to hold it is with the bottom sitting on the couch instead of my lap, and then my strumming arm rests up on the curve to kinda push it down and tilt the neck up. It's pretty comfortable to play...
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    Does anyone make a decent solid-body electric nylon string guitar with PASSIVE pickup?

    Let us know when you get it; I didn't think these were being sold anymore since he passed away.
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    Guitar Marketplace ; where online do you buy your new/used ?

    I've purchased all of my guitars either in-person at a local store/Guitar Center, on Reverb, or member-to-member sales on AGF and UU. I've also purchased parts from Warmoth and built my own electrics. Looking at sound samples for particular models on YouTube will lead you to a lot of good...
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    Easier Transition to Guitar

    I play more fingerpicking than strumming and I prefer a 1.75" nut on my guitars. When I switched from uke to guitar, I didn't "ease in," I just switched. For me, the act of learning chords, strumming, a small amount of music theory, and understanding how a stringed instrument worked via the...
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    Shawn has one up on Ukulele Friend. Price says "please email," but he's pretty quick with replies.
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    So, I found a customized Cordoba 15CM on Etsy

    All of the reviews are just people buying jacket patches though. Maybe people who buy $30k paintings on Etsy don't leave reviews?
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    So, I found a customized Cordoba 15CM on Etsy

    Yes, but for $700? Maybe if they'd done it to a Martin, that would make sense.
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    So, I found a customized Cordoba 15CM on Etsy

    Seems kind of scammy to me. Let me bash up an old uke and claim it's "super high quality"? I'll admit I don't know much about Cordoba ukes but a quick Reverb search shows that their most expensive model is a brand new tenor with electronics that runs for $700, and that's for a model done in...
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    Low G Has anyone ever tried all wound strings in GCEA?

    These work fantastically on a 19" scale as well.
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    Strings Message for former users of Southcoast strings

    Second vote for Strings By Mail. They're pretty much the only place I buy strings from (minus certain speciality strings like Perry's Octave set or Pop's strings for my Koalohas).
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Ken Timms torrified spruce listed on Fleamarket Music right now for $1400. I'm sorely tempted even with the high price tag and I don't even play soprano.
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    Alternate Tuning Contest!

    Been out of town for work and didn't bring a computer with me, so just now getting caught up on entries. Loving all of them! Keep them coming! Just over one more week to go :)
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    I think it's time I learn some more advanced types of chords.

    A key is basically just the scale used to write a piece of music. I found this guy's videos on music theory to be helpful:
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    Wanted KoAloha Long Neck Pineapple KSM-03 w/friction tuners

    Have you seen this one? KoAloha KSM-03RPMG Royal Mango Pikake Pineapple Soprano Longneck Ukulele (2022) - KoAloha Pineapple Hard Case Nvm, just looked at it again and it doesn't have friction tuners. The first pic the headstock wasn't visible, haha.
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    Price Drop Risa Tenor Strat and Harmony Baritone

    Found the Vox headphone amp for the Risa...specs: 3 amplifier modes for tonal variety New folding plug mechanism rotates 180 degrees to fit any guitar Auto power off function conserves battery life 9 selectable effects (3 chorus, 3 delay, 3 reverb) Aux input for jamming along with any audio...
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    Interested in building your own ukulele?

    Where did you stay/how much were living expenses? If you don't mind me asking.
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    A visit to Guitar Center (Sunset Blvd, LA)

    Whenever I'm in a Guitar Center I stop by and tune up the ukes (just get it close by ear; I don't bring in a tuner or anything). Just so they won't sound totally horrible if a customer goes to try one out; maybe they'll want to take it home if it sounds slightly better. My guess is they either...
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    The snakewood uke

    Got any picks of this set...?
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