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  1. Timbuck

    CNC Necks

    Here is a Quick look at the work-board devised for CNC production of soprano necks… I’ll try and get a video made later to show how it works. IMG_6837 by Ken Timms,
  2. Timbuck

    Gotoh UPT (L) - any place to get these in bulk?

    Derjung …I’ve used them a few times, I found them to be ok.
  3. Timbuck

    Fret tang trimming

    Heres a good method of fret tang trimming with a Dremel.
  4. Timbuck

    Gotoh UPT (L) - any place to get these in bulk?

    That a lot of ukes worth there :) …I’m going to try a set of these to see what they are like ...
  5. Timbuck

    Fast Cut re-saw blade

    A new ukulele builder here in the UK “Will Grove White” (look him up) has been enquiring on how I re-saw thin slices on the bandsaw… In the past I used to struggle with cupping drifting and lots of other problem‘s until i found The “Fast cut“ blades…. I sent him a video demo I made some years...
  6. Timbuck

    I’m thinking of getting one of these.

    It’s funny you said that co’s I’ve been in the workshop today looking in the scrap box looking for bits and bobs to put one together.
  7. Timbuck

    I’m thinking of getting one of these.

    I’ve had a good look around Pete, they seem to be vintage tools described as “mini spoke shaves” most sellers I’ve found are in the US and are all out of stock… some can be found on eBay also in the US with high shipping costs….Veritas do a similar one but very pricey.
  8. Timbuck

    Trimming bindings to size.

    well that jogged my memory a bit and I dug out that binding trimming jig that I made at the time …the tension spring was missing so I had to make a new one …It still works great and will trim a strip down to 3mm. IMG_6834 by Ken Timms,
  9. Timbuck

    Trimming bindings to size.

    After a quick search I found the thread, it was in 11 years ago in 2013 . here
  10. Timbuck

    Trimming bindings to size.

    I remember some years ago, I read a thread on here (maybe) about trimming bindings to size by rolling them into a tight coil and sanding them down to the required width in the thickness sander, or bandsaw , or something like that ? … can anyone enlighten me on this process please.
  11. Timbuck

    I’m thinking of getting one of these.
  12. Timbuck

    ukulele necks with integral frets

    I have a Kumalae 1923 Koa soprano with no fretboard no neck angle just flat, and it’s the loudest uke I own.
  13. Timbuck

    ukulele necks with integral frets

    As Gerald the “talking Gorilla“ once said “if I may chip in at this moment” 🐵 …Yes I’ve built some with no problems… this is one of e’m. BeFunky_IMG_1875jpg_zps6ba9b37b by Ken Timms,
  14. Timbuck

    Dallas B Banjolele repairs

    I once fitted a new replacement fretboard to one of those , it was only .060“ inch thick I remember.
  15. Timbuck

    Learning the difference 4 ten thousandths of an inch make

    Interesting Pete , The way the tool widens the cut as it cuts thro the pearl shell in the fret slots…Or is it as you say done on purpose to give clearance to prevent chipping...if so good thinking :) ..At first I thought it was the tool bit flexing as it hit the harder material.
  16. Timbuck

    Tabs/Chords "Please Don't ever change" in C (Crickets Version)

    Ive been struggling with the chords for this one for weeks all the tabs ive found so far just dont seem to sound right...I can't make my mind up where the Dm and Em and F chords fit (I know it needs transposing to my key C ) ... Help ! :(
  17. Timbuck

    Laminating sides

    I’m in the process of making a soprano out of Zebra wood and it is proving to be very difficult to bend especially on the black parts where I’ve noticed hairlline cracking … so I’m going to resort to sanding it very thin and laminating it with another species (Maple) ..this means making a...
  18. Timbuck

    Building the perfect case.

    I like that :)
  19. Timbuck

    Back braces let in to linings

    The old way to do it was to fit the arched braces first to the sides then glue and clamp on the back plate with string.
  20. Timbuck

    Back braces let in to linings

    I always tuck them in ..the idea is for strength so that they don‘t pop off at the ends if the plates flex too much.… It's like as if floor board joists didn’t connect to the house walls.
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