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  1. Poul Hansen

    Humidity vs Ukulele

    You're in the clear. But higher than 70% RH can also give problems , f.x. a wavy top or cracks at the edges where the top looses adhesion with the sides.
  2. Poul Hansen

    Your favorite things about ukes

    The possibility to play Mele kalikimaka , Does your chewing gum....., Window cleaner, Has anybody seen my girl.
  3. Poul Hansen

    Show off your cheap ukes!

    My 40$ ukulele in mint condition ;-)
  4. Poul Hansen

    Video : Aloha City Ukes Set-Up Process - Ukulele Set Up

    I would check the nut height before the action and saddle.
  5. Poul Hansen

    Show us your thinline uke.

    Everplay Thinbody LA6-21 deadwood. Beautiful and surprising good sound for the price and size.
  6. Poul Hansen

    How large is your Ukeverse?

    I don't 🥴
  7. Poul Hansen

    Where did you buy your uke(s)?

    Builder caravel Kitchen Borg Sound Mercatino Musicale Private collector Tradera ebay gear4music
  8. Poul Hansen

    How many ukes have you got? (expanded poll)

    I'm afraid there are other variables. I have f.x. the impression that ukulele in itself does attract the more seasoned part of the population.
  9. Poul Hansen

    How many ukes have you got? (expanded poll)

    13 ukuleles but 54(I think )string instruments in total . I had to look around and found additional 2 ukuleles. I thought I had 11. (And 14 bicycles) now we're at it :giggle:
  10. Poul Hansen

    Strap buttons...where to find wood, possibly koa, or other unique or premium buttons?

    I have a reamer so I make a hole just like on a violin. I do however give them a bit of glue as well. I don't normally like a visible screw but Ifound some smaller ebony buttons I sometime use with a patinized brass screw(here on a mandolin)
  11. Poul Hansen

    Show off your cheap ukes!

    40 $ for a mint(wink wink nudge nudge) Enya U
  12. Poul Hansen

    Nova U Mini modification - Silent Practice Uke

    As I said: thin layers. Otherwise you risk that some foam will harden before some other and block the expansion route for some unhardened foam, so the ukulele will explode, AND it is very hard to remove surplus foam as well.
  13. Poul Hansen

    Need help with some sort of device to help me repair cracks on my own

    I made this tool to place magnets under the top of a guitar without removing the back. I also made a miniature edition for ukuleles and mandolins. The cleat is fastened to the magnet with wax
  14. Poul Hansen

    Wood grain orientation

    Hmm, the angled is more expensive to make, there is more waste.
  15. Poul Hansen

    Nova U Mini modification - Silent Practice Uke

    Be aware that expanding foam is difficult to control and is quite strong when expanding. Just make a layer at a time, don't fill all at once.
  16. Poul Hansen

    DIY: When side markers are not enough

    I have gone all the way also: I bought some 2 mm MOP dots, drilled the holes on the side with a Brad point drillbit and glued the dots in.
  17. Poul Hansen

    DIY: When side markers are not enough

    When I was drafted a sergeant explained that we could get a refund for the tickets to get there and a guy asked: "What then if you take a bus to a train station where no trains are running?"
  18. Poul Hansen

    DIY: When side markers are not enough

    Or little dots with a paintmarker pen
  19. Poul Hansen

    New Uke Day (NUD) Enya U

    Yes the build quality is fantastic, nothing to criticise at all. This is a concert, used but mint at 50$ incl. shipping.
  20. Poul Hansen

    New Uke Day (NUD) Enya U

    I was quite impressed by the sound on YouTube but really bought it out of curiosity as I for several years have had a Hora mandolin with solid top, in my car without problems but in reality it doesn't sound much better than expected from such a small body and composite material. It's my first...
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