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  1. Rakelele

    Show Us Your Favorite Non-Uke Instruments

    Sounds just like a regular trumpet. But it takes more effort to play due to the many bendings, I notice that I get tired more quickly.
  2. Rakelele

    Show Us Your Favorite Non-Uke Instruments

    Here is another small favorite of mine: the world's smallest pocket trumpet, still tuned to Bb like a regular trumpet. As with the uke, I have really come to enjoy small and portable instruments.
  3. Rakelele

    Show Us Your Favorite Non-Uke Instruments

    I habitually use a strap, but it's not really necessary as this sax is so lightweight and also so short that you can't just let it hang down while playing. I do think that it sounds (and feels) more like a "real" saxophone, just shrunk down. I also prefer the "saxy" look over a straight soprano...
  4. Rakelele

    Show Us Your Favorite Non-Uke Instruments

    Here is mine, a curved soprano saxophone. Just like a uke, it is so tiny and cute...! And so portable!
  5. Rakelele

    Anyone played a new Oli uke?

    Thanks for providing insight into your new line of ukes as well as everything else that is going on at The Ukulele Site, @AndrewKuker
  6. Rakelele

    New Uke Day (NUD) Kala Contour Spruce and Rosewood Baritone

    Congratulations, looks and sounds great! Any idea where this model is made? Could it be rhe same factory as the Anuenue Moon Birds??
  7. Rakelele

    Kala CT-SMH-TG Contour Series Tenor - REVIEW

    Anyone know where these are made?
  8. Rakelele

    does anyone have kala - contour series?

    Anybody know where the Kala Contour line is made? I thought maybe Java, like the Kala Metropolitan line, but can't find anything to confirm.
  9. Rakelele


    Hi and welcome to the forum! The word "swiss" in your user name got me curious: Are you from Switzerland? Me too!
  10. Rakelele

    Song Help Request Name of this Song?

    Yes, this is "Always with me" from the movie "Spirited Away".
  11. Rakelele

    Kanile'a Oha new product line

    That's what I meant in my earlier post about the neck being assembled from several pieces. Not sure if "laminate" is the right term here; the necks are glued together from several solid pieces.
  12. Rakelele

    New Uke Day (NUD) Koalana Soprano

    Since you mentioned playing comfort: Does it feel like a KoAloha? Is the neck shape, nut width etc. the same as on a "real" KoAloha? Or is it just a "Kala dressed as a KoAloha" (quoting @UkeStuff)?
  13. Rakelele

    Pono Master Series Review - Spruce & Rosewood Tenor

    Always good to add factual data. In order to give some idea on how much specific densities of different wood species may play a role in the overall weight of an instrument, here are the measurements of the Pono tenors I have owned: Pono AT Acacia with Satin finish from 2011: 630 grams Pono...
  14. Rakelele

    Pono Master Series Review - Spruce & Rosewood Tenor

    I would attribute this weight difference mostly to the specific density of different wood species (the Pono homepage has all the scientific details behind it): Rosewood is much denser and therefore heavier than other tonewoods such as Mahogany, Mango or Acacia/Koa, which all have a similar...
  15. Rakelele

    New Uke Day (NUD) NUUD: Ko'olau Tenor Delux - Spruce/Rosewood Slothead

    What a great catch, I am so happy for you and wish you years of enjoyment!
  16. Rakelele

    Pono Master Series Review - Spruce & Rosewood Tenor

    @scrambled_eggs This is such an excellently written review with great feeling for storytelling. And I totally agree with your sentiment: While having acquired several custom ukes from some of the most respected luthiers at three or five times the cost, I still feel that Pono offers me the best...
  17. Rakelele

    POLL: Favorite Non-Hawaiian Brand of Uke

    We don't need to overthink this. My personal approach to the question of this thread would be Made in Hawai'i vs. elsewhere (and perhaps restricted to factories, not custom makers).
  18. Rakelele

    POLL: Favorite Non-Hawaiian Brand of Uke

    Pono, for their wide and innovative range of choices and for using only solid woods.
  19. Rakelele

    Romero Creations Tiny Tenor 6 string Guilele Discontinued!

    Oh, bummer! I love mine, it really does have a unique sound or ring to it. However, the 17 inch scale does feel a bit cramped to me, so I have come to prefer my guilele/kiku/mini guitar type of instruments with a scale length in between 19 to 21 inches.
  20. Rakelele

    Who's ready for a three string ukulele? Romero Creations, that's who!

    I really like how Pepe Romero and Daniel Ho keep coming up with fresh ideas, reinventions and crossovers. While many of their brain children are not for everyone, they will most likely find their niche. This is no exception, definitely making it even easier to learn basic chords.
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