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  1. YorkSteve

    Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is

    Dang, so much scope for wild ideas, but I have woken up with a cold and hardly any voice. Hope to be back later in the week....
  2. YorkSteve

    Season 638: Road signs

    Thanks for hosting Dave. One of my favourite bands of the last 20 years has been Elbow. In the lockdown years they wrote and recorded a very mellow album, "Flying Dream 1", which, with no live dates possible, pretty well vanished. Here's one of the songs from there - a road trip with family.
  3. YorkSteve

    Season 637 - Here and Now

    Jimmy James came from Jamaica to the UK in the early 60s, and with his band The Vagabonds were a regular fixture on the UK live circuit from then on. It seems they were still performing in 2022, with Jimmy in his 80s. This was one of their few chart hits. Not sure about the "revolution is no...
  4. YorkSteve

    Season 636 - One for sorrow...

    Well, this is a disaster Bob. We are away in the van, and were about 100 miles from home when I realised that the uke which normally lives on the back seat wasn't there. A packing malfunction. So, unless a Cornish charity shop has one going cheap, I will have to miss out on this excellent theme.
  5. YorkSteve

    SOTU 635: Castles

    When I searched my collection of songs for "castle", not a lot came up. Then I searched for "palace", and this one appeared. Apparently I wrote it for Season 225. I have absolutely no recollection of doing so, and had to find the video from eight years ago to work out how it goes.
  6. YorkSteve

    Season 634 - Love Your Larynx!

    Hope you are crooning again soon Del. In the meantime, Elvis says you can listen to girls talk.
  7. YorkSteve


    "...who dreamed up someone so devine, someone like you and made them mine .." I have done Declan O'Rourke's "Galileo" a couple of times before, but it's been a year or three, so no apologies for the repeat - it is pretty high up my list of perfect songs. Covered by Josh Groban, Brian Kennedy...
  8. YorkSteve

    Season 631: I Mist You

    Thanks for hosting Jon. Thought I'd get your old Johnny Marvin uke out for a bit of Everly Brothers.
  9. YorkSteve

    Seasonistas on-line get together / open mic

    I have updated the post at the top of the thread. Thanks for doing all the hard sums Wendy! I will probably be missing again due to family meet-ups...
  10. YorkSteve

    Season 630

    Nick Lowe wrote this one about moving out.
  11. YorkSteve

    Season of the 'Ukulele (SOTU) 629 - Season of the Cuckoo'lele

    I thought I wasn't going to find time to record anything this week - too much other life going on - but here's a quick attempt at Madness, written by Prince Buster, revived by the band named after it.
  12. YorkSteve

    Season 628 - Let’s Pretend!

    I saw the first incarnation of The Pretenders on their debut tour, just after Brass In Pocket was a hit. The support act was UB40, so it was a good night. Fast forward about 40 years and I have seen them twice more, at the Glastonbury festival. I love her attitude, and she surrounds herself with...
  13. YorkSteve

    Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

    The first Season I took part in was number 167, songs in Waltz time. I did a Richard Thompson song, "How will I ever be simple again". Since then I have done a couple of other 3/4 songs by him - "Galway to Graceland" and "Waltzing's for dreamers". And here's another one of his.
  14. YorkSteve

    Season 626 - Body language

    This one by The Move has legs, hips & knees in it.
  15. YorkSteve

    Season 625 - This Season is for the Birds

    Thanks for hosting Amanda. Here's one from the pen of Bobby Charles - "...valleys and streams, and birds in the trees.. "
  16. YorkSteve

    Season 624 - My Hero/es

    A bit more Bowie. It's fair to say he became my hero at an impressionable age - 13ish - but he stayed with me for years, because every album was different, and unlike many he didn't just churn out more of the same. I'll be honest - it did go a bit squiffy around the time of Glass Spider and the...
  17. YorkSteve

    Season 624 - My Hero/es

    Brian ukefoote has already given us one David Bowie song, and I'm going all in and nominating him as my musical hero. When David Bowie died, a school friend of mine, and a fellow fan, said how lucky we were, given the size and age of the universe, and the vast number of planets which could...
  18. YorkSteve


    I have been away for a week, without a ukulele and with hardly any internet. Back today to find all those songs I thought of already on the playlist, so here's what I always thought of as a pretty positive love song, courtesy of The Waterboys.
  19. YorkSteve

    Season 622: See You In The Funny Papers

    WeeGingaYin has already brought us one from Toy Story. My children grew up watching those films, and I have shed a few tears over them myself. My son had Woody & Buzz talking dolls, which mysteriously appeared wherever we went on holiday, usually found climbing in through a window the day after...
  20. YorkSteve

    Seasonistas on-line get together / open mic

    I'm going to be missing AGAIN this week. I'm off to see Otway & Barrett on their 50th anniversary tour. For those not familiar with their work, I recommend this performance from 1977, featuring a fine equipment-wrecking climax. And the following week I will be away. Maybe the one after that...
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