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  1. Trinimon

    Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot)

    Nice cover bruddah!
  2. Trinimon

    Song Help Request Redemption Song WS64 version

    lol, if ya figure it out, lemme know. :)
  3. Trinimon

    Song Help Request Redemption Song WS64 version

    Sorry for the necro bump but does anyone have these tabs? Mahalo!
  4. Trinimon

    Augusta National and the Masters

    Aloha bruddah! Great job on the Augusta theme. I got lucky and my buddy scored 4 passes for the Monday practice round this year. As a golf nut, it's like going to Mecca. As a first timer to Augusta National, it's so much more beautiful than I'd imagined. TV just doesn't do it justice. :)
  5. Trinimon

    Song Help Request Looking for uke tabs for Christopher Cross' Sailing.

    lol, for a guy who's only exposure to music is an ukulele... this might be a task way above my skill set. :p
  6. Trinimon

    Song Help Request Looking for uke tabs for Christopher Cross' Sailing.

    Help UUers. I've been trying to find the ukulele picking tabs to Christopher Cross' Sailing and keep coming up empty. Anyone happen to have a copy? Mahalo!
  7. Trinimon

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

    LOL, that video got me playing this classic and got the ball rolling with my uke addiction!
  8. Trinimon

    Dream a Little Dream of Me (solo ukulele)

    Awesome! Love this version. Thanks!
  9. Trinimon

    Taimane and Kalei Tour - So Cal

    Hope they come to Canada (Toronto to be precise) one of these days. :) Taimane played at last summer's Pan Am games in Toronto but I was in Hawai'i at the time. Go figure!
  10. Trinimon

    Song Help Request Brittni Paiva's Pirates of the Caribbean song

    Don't know if she's playing this one:
  11. Trinimon

    Kris Fuchigami tabs wanted!

    Here ya go.
  12. Trinimon

    What's to do in Kauai?

    Well, I'm finally going to visit Kauai in a couple weeks for 7 days. Got a round of golf booked already, got a morning set aside for Waimea Canyon. Any suggestions of MUST see/do things? Sadly I'll be missing out on the Uke Fest (AGAIN!) due to a family member's request to run the Coconut Chase...
  13. Trinimon

    Dream A Little Dream Of Me (solo)

    Yay! Love this song. Many thanks for sharing it and for the tabs.
  14. Trinimon

    Viva la Vida - Coldplay - Instrumental by Kalei Gamiao

    Mahalo! One of my fav Cold Play tunes! I just can't do it justice... but I'll give it whirl. :)
  15. Trinimon

    Under The Sea - Solo Instrumental by Ukulelien

    This was awesome! Nicely done. Mahalo for the tabs. Might have to give this one a try. :)
  16. Trinimon

    "Fly Me To The Moon" - Sinatra. Intro tab

    Luv this song. Well done. You had my feet tapping... lol
  17. Trinimon

    New Instrumental Tab - Don't Know Why (Norah Jones) - Corey Fujimoto

    Mahalo for da tabs. I need a few more years practice... lol
  18. Trinimon

    Video tutorial: SAIL by AWOLnation with picking and chords

    Mahalo. Love that song. Thanks for the tutorial.
  19. Trinimon

    Island Music Network

    Awesome! Mahalo for setting that up and putting in all that work Ryan and Danny! I just joined and submitted a few. Too bad when I copy and paste, it gets all messed up so I got to manually edit them in some places. :p Ryan beat me to a lot of my favs already. :)
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