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    Electric bass or Bass Uke

    Why not a baritone guitar, tuned A to A??
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    Strap advice needed

    I learned to play while holding the uke against the back of my head!! Just a goofy exercise to keep from looking at the fretboard. REALLY brings up the volume too!!
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    Lack Of Movement On Higher Priced Instruments

    In "good" times, I buy instruments. In "bad" times, I sell. Fortunately, Life has been mostly good to me.
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    iPad 10.2" (8"x6"), 9th gen for uku tabs/sheet music?

    Drifting the thread, sorry. I'm strictly paper myself, and its sometimes frustrating to be able to find that one song you know is in one of those books or binders. And a screen would be nice, but I live in Florida and bright sunshine is almost constant. You can barely see your phone to take...
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    I don't call it UAS, I say UAP

    I agree with you, but it sounds suspiciously like my excuse for alcoholism appreciation of fine distilled spirits...
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    Your favorite things about ukes

    Most disagreements can be settled with a whack of the ukulele to the back of their head
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    New to the Forums!

    Keep the sand off the fretboard!
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    Your better and wilfully retained mass manufactured Sopranos

    My choice was my Lanikai-21 soprano!! You should have paid extra to get the binding! It’s “very nice”! One of my favorite ukes! Like a 50s Martin for $100 or less
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    Headed to Hawaii - Tell me what I should buy

    Don't spend your money on a ukulele! Get one of those T-Shirts that says "I went to Hawaii and all my wife would let me get is this lousy T-Shirt"
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    Gigged out!

    Where can we get some backstage VIP passes??
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    Gigged out!

    You’re bushed? While you were jetting between shows on your private jet, us lowly groupies had to drive and sleep in the van!
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    Picked It Up Today

    I started on mandolin and got pretty good at picking old time melodies and such. But for strumming I prefer the chord voicing of the ukes
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    Practicing without driving those around you nuts

    I figure that was playing well before getting married, so when the divorce finally came through I was actually relieved. Plus, I found out that almost 20% of my take home pay was going to Amazon!!
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    Another restoration thread, or, Old Uke Day?

    You forgot to tell us what you paid for it!! You might not need to do anything to it, and who would want some old beat up uke anyway? Totally non-playable (it doesn't have any strings). I'll give you a chance to get your money back by selling it to me directly.
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    Looks like Eastman ukes are back

    I've got an Eastman mandolin that is top drawer for the price. I had one of their PCH guitars. Although the fit 'n finish was great, the sound was, well, what a sub $500 guitar usually sounds like...
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    Is "cowboy chords" a derogatory term?

    Ya'ller missin' out, apparently. This is a great go to for the classics:
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    Double G

    I confess I like to tinker. Always trying something new just to see "what if..." Quite often its just going back and forth between low g and high g. I also really like the banjo sound, so I've got a few banjo ukes and some 4 string tenor banjos too. Recently a "piccolo banjo" caught my eye...
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    Jazzmaster Sinking Bridge Fix Anyone?

    The thing with CA glues is that they are very, very permanent. Get it right, or it will be forever wrong.
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    Bring on the cool UU merch

    Fire up the Cricut and get busy!
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