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  1. Bill Sheehan

    Why can't I play a G major chord?

    Bio, I've never been a fan of the "traditional" fingering of the G chord, as it gives us two "unison" G notes (i.e., the open fourth string, and the second string fretted at the third fret), and those two notes can have a tendency to ring slightly out-of-tune with each other-- not...
  2. Bill Sheehan

    George Harrison and the Uke...

    Rhiggie, as Mlolya indicates, I think the album was called "Brainwashed." As I recall, on that album cut, we hear George strum a couple of "test" chords and then give a four-count before launching into the actual song. It's very cool. I would say that "endearing" would be a good word for it.
  3. Bill Sheehan

    fret marker positions

    I agree, Patty. Dinky for the sake of dinky isn't necessarily a wise approach. :)
  4. Bill Sheehan

    fret marker positions

    Patty, I find that I'm more confident with "centered" markers!
  5. Bill Sheehan

    Intonation issues on just 1 string

    Mike, I have had that same issue from time to time over the years, and to my surprise, it will happen with one set of strings, but then not the next. I most often use Martin M600's (soprano), or D'Addario Nyltech's. It may simply be that small inconsistencies from one set to another (even...
  6. Bill Sheehan

    Social Observation About Uke Community (US)

    You're so right, JDP. My best musical buddy, with whom I've gigged tons of times over the last 25 years, tends to be quite liberal in his political views, while I tend to be more conservative. We see no need to discuss politics, really. We're there to have fun and make music. I think...
  7. Bill Sheehan

    New Uke Day (NUD) WHEW soprano

    Those little Kalas are more than decent! Enjoy it!
  8. Bill Sheehan

    New Uke Day (NUD) Bruce Wei Flamed Maple/Spalted Maple Sopranissimo

    I have to admit, Skeeter, I'm probably the wrong guy to ask about the string action gauge, as I tend to address "action" issues by eye-balling things. At the nut, for instance, I'll fret each string at the third fret position using one hand, and then, while holding that down, I'll use the...
  9. Bill Sheehan

    New Uke Day (NUD) Bruce Wei Flamed Maple/Spalted Maple Sopranissimo

    Skeeter, I don't want to unnecessarily stir the pot here, but looking at your photos, that nut seems a little on the high side. Rhiggie most likely would have noticed if that were the case, I realize, but I'm just thinking that "too-high action" at the nut might account for a feeling of...
  10. Bill Sheehan

    Fret markers in the wrong spots?

    Same here, Neil. I do, however, place a little stick-on-dot "side marker" at position #5. Seems like as long as I'm oriented to the fifth fret location, everything else kind of falls into place.
  11. Bill Sheehan

    Strings Strings high tension

    Just a thought-- try tuning the uke down a step, to "f Bb D G." Reduces the tension, and produces a nice jazzy tone! I love tuning tenors that way!
  12. Bill Sheehan

    For Sale Bradford Donaldson Koa Soprano

    Wow, that little guy has all kinds of tone!
  13. Bill Sheehan

    Baritones and intonation

    Honestly, Tony, I don't think Buzz intended any condescension, as that would be out of character for him in my experience. But I do have a quick question, Tony-- does your baritone feature an adjustable truss rod? My understanding of the finer principles of these things is limited, but I...
  14. Bill Sheehan

    Ja jsem sirotek (Song from old Prague) for plastic ukulele

    Awesome! I think we may apply different terms to the sport (here in the U.S. we generally call it soccer, and I'm guessing that in the Czech Republic it's known as football). By either name, it's a great sport! I must admit, I had little interest or exposure to it growing up, but when my...
  15. Bill Sheehan

    Ja jsem sirotek (Song from old Prague) for plastic ukulele

    I agree with Mlolya !! Nice song! And Ondrej, is that an Umbro soccer shirt? :unsure:
  16. Bill Sheehan

    Look For The Silver Lining 🌈

    Really nice, Nick! Looks like that one was composed in the year that my Dad was born !!
  17. Bill Sheehan

    "Come Together" by The Beatles (U-Bass)

    That is beyond cool !! (y)
  18. Bill Sheehan


    Excellent version!
  19. Bill Sheehan

    Installing a Disc-type Passive Piezo Pickup

    Hey, glad to hear that you managed an installation, Pondweed, and that your open mic debut went well !! I've had very serviceable results with these types of disc pickups, just by sticking them as best I could reach, in a position that-- although not ideal-- seemed like it ought to catch...
  20. Bill Sheehan

    Uncommon tuners?!

    That's a nice little unit, Jump. I'm still having really good luck with my basic Snark model, which I've had for about 8 years now. One of its swivel joints did crack a few years ago, but I was able to fix it with superglue, and it's still holding up okay! I'm honestly not a fan of...
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