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  1. chris667

    The lower end of the market.

    At all price points, mass-produced ukuleles can be either really great or really bad. Ignore the reviews and what other people say, though. I've had good luck with "Lazy" brand sopranos (which were £15 new). Two out of the three I've owned were OK. I have owned five Makalas of which two were...
  2. chris667

    I have a screw loose

    Easy to lose your knob in the wrong environment. I can tell you this from personal experience.
  3. chris667

    What do slotted headstocks do for ukuleles?

    Don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds a bit like marketing to me. It was not beyond a company like Martin to make a slotted headstock 100 years ago.
  4. chris667

    Decision paralysis deciding which Uke to buy next

    You are an adult, so I won't try to tell you how to make decisions, but honestly? At that price, you are better looking at something secondhand. The used market is not so good at the minute. The amount you're talking about spending is perversely not that much - you can still find quite a...
  5. chris667

    Enya mahogany ukes

    Well, as we're talking about scientific purposes.... :ROFLMAO: The difference between satin and matt finishes on most mass-produced instruments is usually a matting agent in the varnish. There is more or less the same amount of finish on the instrument, it's just that if you add a matting...
  6. chris667

    Play Lists for Gatherings?

    Alas, this is the case with almost all pubs now. Twang is in that there London, and he's lucky to get one pub where people sing along regularly. We had one in Derby, my local city, but it closed during lockdown. There's a good open mic scene, but that's a different thing. That's people with...
  7. chris667


    Hello! I am a soprano player too. I have a baritone which I use when I'm playing with other musicians - it is an easy way to change key. But if it was just me, my preference will always be exclusively sopranos. You definitely grow into soprano ukes. :)
  8. chris667

    How many ukes have you got? (expanded poll)

    I have realised from the last one that if I told you it would just be showing off. Far fewer than I used to have.
  9. chris667

    Learning the ukulele when you don't like most music written for it?

    As a fellow addict, I see you. And please accept my apologies if I sounded dismissive. I recommend doing some ear training. If it's ukulele you want to play, learn chords rather than notes - that's the opposite way round to most ear training courses. Then play along with songs you like until...
  10. chris667

    Small quality amp for a 6-string bari/guitalele under $200

    Honestly? Unless you have a particular type of music or sound that you're aiming for, stick with acoustic at home. The chase for fidelity can leave you thousands out of pocket. I have friends that have literally spent tens of thousands trying to get a natural sound, and it's never really right...
  11. chris667

    Flight gut-850 or Sound Smith Spruce/Ovangkol SSG-3 Guitarlele

    ^^this^^. A thousand times over. Reviews are utterly pointless, if you pick two ukes of the same model each will be different. Forget the money. The cheaper uke you never play and bought unseen is always a bad deal.
  12. chris667

    Small quality amp for a 6-string bari/guitalele under $200

    More, unless you're going to be playing somewhere big, by which point you won't need to ask us! If you are playing in a room full of people and they're talking, don't play louder - if you do, they'll talk louder and then it will become unpleasant. Play quieter and if they're interested they'll...
  13. chris667

    Do I cut my losses? (Unsatisfactory customized ukuleles)

    Honestly, as galling as it is I would much rather walk away. If you pay the rest of the money and they're both lemons, you will have spent a lot of extra money and have two more ukes that you don't really like. If you booked a taxi to take you somewhere and you realised the driver was taking...
  14. chris667

    uke vs. low humidity

    Absolutely. Woodn't you believe it!
  15. chris667

    Super-sized Baritone?

    Yes, or if you were really interested, you could thin the neck down. I used to play with someone who played one. Lots of really decent children's classical guitars.
  16. chris667

    Super-sized Baritone?

    I have seen children's classical guitars converted to 4 strings. They can be excellent, you can get a lot for your money.
  17. chris667

    Picked It Up Today

    Mandowho? Welcome to the forum, Chiffon! I find mandolin rather too loud and strident for my taste as well. Glad you found us!
  18. chris667

    Hi I am new

    Hello Chris! My partner has autism too. I am pleased you are here!
  19. chris667

    Learning the ukulele when you don't like most music written for it?

    It absolutely is possible to learn to play by ear. And maybe exploring music you don't find interesting (yet) would be something that would be worthwhile, because all the music you learn gets added to everything you learn afterwards. The bit that is you comes out of copying other people's stuff...
  20. chris667

    Ukulele Cosmos

    Alas no. Ukulele Cosmos was closed to the public Internet about ten years ago - you needed a username and password to get on. Nothing after then was accessible through the Wayback machine. Some very early iterations of the Cosmos were there, but there was lots of interesting, useful stuff that's...
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