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    Cordoba 15MS vs. 20MS vs. 25MS vs. UP100

    Of that Cordoba group the plain mahogany with a solid top makes (20MS) most sense to me. Bling might look nice but it makes no sound and a solid top usually does help with sound quality. For the money Mahalo make some nice looking instruments but I’d be wary of recommending a new one to anyone...
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    Today's Chuckle

    Thanks, I read a little further back in the thread and it all seems a bit too dry and dark to me. Desperate people do desperate things but I’m not sure about where the line on humour is, and its probably not fixed.
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    Today's Chuckle

    It wasn’t obvious to me either, but maybe I’m a bit slow and I’m not American (so haven’t the knowledge of local culture). In this case I think Donner (Donner’s) might be a name (a girl’s first name or a surname). A Donner is also someone who gives. . There...
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    Strings Strings for Soprano D tuning ?

    Thanks for the list, it’ll help someone. I don’t know about optimised but imho the black nylon GHS strings (H10) are better suited to D than C tuning on a Soprano.
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    The lower end of the market.

    I didn’t pick this up earlier but that’s pretty much the case. To my estimation badly built and poorly set-up ukes are worse than frustrating, ’cause some folk just give up with a hard to play and poor sounding instrument. The skills to do minor repairs and alterations take some time to acquire...
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    The lower end of the market.

    I’ve been thinking about this thread and the Makala range in particular, my recollection of having Dolphins and an MK-SN is that the latter is a better instrument for similar money. If I was again buying my first Soprano from the Makala / Kala range then I’d spend just a little more, leave the...
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    The lower end of the market.

    This additional cost is something I’ve been pondering on. I’ve found that on sooo many inexpensive instruments, by the time you fit some Aquilas you’ve upped your modest investment by quite a percentage - and the returns are uncertain. So far I’ve found nothing worth fitting that’s cheaper than...
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    ukulele necks with integral frets

    I think that Timbuck built some ‘Island‘ style ukes a while back and that they were fretted straight into the neck. The style usually joins the neck to the body at the twelfth fret but some have the twelfth fret slightly before the neck to body joint - which I think better...
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    For Sale Bradford Donaldson Koa Soprano

    The answers so far had me wondering. In the sound clip I suspect that they are Martin M600 and in the original post I believe they are Worth BM’s. Fantastic sounding and great looking instrument. Brad makes some wonderful stuff 👏.
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    Help Please - Nut fell off 😥

    It’s all too late for the OP now but: I believe that it was never glued down and that that slotted design is fine that way. If a nut is glued down then IMHO is should just be with a spot of wood glue to hold it in place. Nuts should be considered consumable items, sometimes they do need...
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    Best soprano for $400?

    Well, if it could be readily repaired at economical rates then Elderly would have already done it to turn more profit. The man in the street won’t get discounted Luthier rates (Elderly will) so unless your repair work is free the total bill (purchase and repair) must add up to more than what the...
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    The lower end of the market.

    You’re looking for a playable fun ukulele, plain painted or with graphics, and priced at the lower end of the market; what is available? Over the years quite a bit has been available that aims to be a fun instrument for children (something like the Sponge Bob ukes) but don’t expect them to be...
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    Your favorite things about ukes

    I’m mostly a Soprano player - though sometimes I play Concerts - and that is because the classic or original sized Uke is best at ticking the majority of my boxes. My initial attraction to the Uke was its ‘folk’ or working class roots that gave access to music to the masses in a portable...
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    Goin’ for Baroque

    Scales are soooo boring, but they do have a use and do help with building skill … still hate them though. What book are you using for Bach? You of course realise that the same book can be used to finger pick on the Uke, there’s obviously no TAB but if you know the fretboard then the notes are...
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    Best soprano for $400?

    I’d say that my SK35 has a sub 35mm width nut (34mm plus) and that the narrow dimension (on the Ohana specification sheets) had put me off of buying one for a long time; eventually I bought a secondhand one off of eBay for a reasonable price. In practise I’ve found the string spacing to be...
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    Best soprano for $400?

    I‘ve an Ohana SK35 and think it pretty good, the SK38 is a bit nicer again so I’d go for one of those and have nearly half left from the original $400.
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    Sold Free Tuners!

    That will be an old Mahalo you have then? If there’s anyone local to you then the made in China Mahalos can be made to be nice beaters. The nut will need sorting out for string height, etc., and every Mahalo that I’ve had needed me to move the bridge a bit further away from the nut (add string...
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    fret marker positions

    I’d suggest sticking with tradition (it’s usually there for some good purpose) and so having them centred. Of course it’s also a case of how a particular individual’s brain interacts with particular placements, custom builds are customised for individuals … but anyone buying a custom Uke now...
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    Ukuleles and Price vs Quality

    Just revisiting the thread to address a couple of points. In one of your responses you mention the Uke (Concert scale) being fitted with Soprano specific strings, they’ll work but the Concert specific strings will drive your soundboard harder and so make the Uke louder. String selection is a...
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    Ukuleles and Price vs Quality

    Like all else the more you spend the more ‘likely’ you are to get a better product. However, note the use of the word ‘likely’ there because price and quality are but loosely linked and the selling price of a Uke - and all else - is very much down to commercial matters. What you have to decide...
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