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  1. WCBarnes

    FS: Howlett, DaSilva, Kepasa, Kiwaya, and Favilla

    The time has come to reduce the number of ukes I own. UAS got a hold of me really bad over the past couple years and my collection has grown larger than I need. Additionally, I am moving within the next 6 months, so the push to downsize has become the priority. Parting with these was really...
  2. WCBarnes

    Pocket chord chart

    I backed this when it was on kickstarter. I keep it in the pocket of my uke case and find it to be a great resource.
  3. WCBarnes

    Laughlin 2K soprano

    Up for sale is a rather rare Laughlin 2K soprano ukulele. I got this from Telperion in May and have not played it near enough to warrant keeping it around (plus I have other ukes coming in, so some have to go). Here is a link to the previous listing...
  4. WCBarnes

    WTB Laminate Islander Concert

    As the title says, I want to purchase a laminate Islander. First choice would be the MAC-4 (spalted maple), but I'm open to whatever is out there. Thanks!
  5. WCBarnes

    F/S: Pete Howlett koa ditson concert

    I ordered this ukulele straight from Mr. Howlett and received it in spring 2016. It is an all koa Ditson style ukulele. The sound and sustain on this one are excellent! The only reason I am selling is that it doesn’t get played much. I really cannot tell you why because I love playing it when I...
  6. WCBarnes

    Vintage sopranos

    I have a couple sopranos from the 1920s to move on. Both of these ukes have a wonderful vintage look and the beautiful sound of aged mahogany. The first is a Lyon & Healy Washburn ukulele. I got this a few years ago because I thought it would be neat to have a vintage Chicago made ukulele...
  7. WCBarnes

    KoAloha KCM-00 Concert

    I am in the process of selling some ukuleles that don't get much playing time so someone else can enjoy them. I got this uke 18 months ago new from KoAloha. My original developed a crack in the neck that was not repairable. They lived up to their warranty and sent me a new one. There is next to...
  8. WCBarnes

    Cordoba 24B Baritone

    I am starting the process of selling some ukuleles that don't get the playing time they deserve. I got this baritone earlier this year. 1.5" at the nut with a very shallow profile. It is extremely easy to play and the solid cedar top sounds amazing! Only reason I am selling is I just got a...
  9. WCBarnes

    WTB Collings concert with spruce top

    As the title states, I am looking for a spruce topped Collings concert ukulele. Price is negotiable based upon model and appointments. If it is easier you can reply by email to: wcolinbarnes (at) gmail (dot) com Let me know what you have! Thanks, Colin
  10. WCBarnes

    Strings Aquila carbon black -new strings

    Thanks for the tip librainian! I just ordered several sets, including the new Aquila AGxAQs, for at least 1/2 the price I have seen them elsewhere.
  11. WCBarnes

    WTB LoPrinzi Baritone

    As the title says, I am looking for someone who would like to re-home their LoPrinzi baritone. I don't have my heart set on any particular wood combinations or models. What 'cha got?
  12. WCBarnes

    Stolen instruments

    Great news!!! I am very happy they made it back to you! That's funny! I'm glad to see you have kept your humor through this ordeal.
  13. WCBarnes

    NVUD: Gold Label Kamaka

    I was looking through my local Facebook Marketplace and saw an add for a Kamaka at a good price. I could see from the pictures that it had a gold label. We exchanged IMs and I decided to check it out. Wow! It was like opening a time capsule! It had the original box and packaging, the original...
  14. WCBarnes

    Shopping Plans for 2017 -- what's on your list?

    I have a 16" Ono that will be delivered in 2017. My only other plan was to re-home the ukuleles that are not getting enough love from me. But you know what they say about the best laid plans... I was looking at Facebook and Mike (of Uke Republic) posted pictures of some Fleas he got in stock and...
  15. WCBarnes

    NUD Bonanza Flatlander concert ukulele

    Congratulations on your Bonanza! I got a baritone from them last year. Pete and Shelley are great! And Pete makes a nice uke. And darn near indestructible! The strings that came on mine were a little floppy, so I switched them out to Martins and they drive the top very well.
  16. WCBarnes

    Playing Partner or Sheet Music Hog

    Last spring I was playing on my front porch enjoying the weather. I looked over to my right and the rat snake that lived under the steps came out to give a little listen (I say "lived" as I saw him/her a lot over the past couple years, but there hasn't been a sighting at all this year).
  17. WCBarnes

    Style 3 Builders?

    Yes he does! I couldn't be happier with the concert 3M he built me!
  18. WCBarnes

    New Uke Day - Talsma Custom 3M Concert

    When I first started playing the ukulele the music store where my daughter was taking drum lessons had a vintage Martin style 3 on display. I was taken with how simple and elegant the design was. I knew I wanted one. As I advanced in my playing and began to figure out that the concert scale was...
  19. WCBarnes

    NUD: Ono Pineapple

    I received my Ono ukulele on Monday and finally put it down long enough to take some photos. They are not near the quality that Hodge usually posts so it absolutely looks better in person. The body is between a concert and soprano in size and the scale is 14.75 inches. The back and sides are...
  20. WCBarnes

    WTB - The Daily Ukulele song book

    Looking for a copy of "The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs for Better Living". I know I can get a new one off the web, but wanted to check to see if someone out here had one collecting dust. Thanks!
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