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  1. ukulelelalala

    Oceana tenor t156

    I received my OCEANA TENOR T156 two weeks ago. I purchased it from a fellow UU member who had it just two months. He liked it so much that he decided to have a custom ukulele built by Oceana to his specifications. I had been looking for a ukulele that had a "guitar" sound, so, I was kind of...
  2. ukulelelalala

    Song Help Request Mona Lisa tabs?

    I know this has been asked before but some links are dead and at least one of them is just four chords repeating themselves over and over again. Does anyone have tabs for Mona Lisa that also include slightly more involved fingering? I saw this one and requested tabs but no answer...
  3. ukulelelalala

    bang around uke ideas?

    I'd like to throw a uke in my car (i know, that's why I titled this "bang around uke") preferably out of the sun and in a case. I like the idea of practicing in my car while waiting for my daughter while she is in soccer practice, etc. It seems like I could get in a solid hour of practice in my...
  4. ukulelelalala

    Song Help Request John king Spanish fandango tabs?

    Thanks very much... I'll order it... Regards, Joe
  5. ukulelelalala

    Song Help Request John king Spanish fandango tabs?

    Does anybody have a link to tabs for John kings Spanish fandango? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks in advance... Joe
  6. ukulelelalala

    Uke Hut tomorrow night in NYC

    Hi John, I live in NYC (Queens) and wish I had known about it sooner. How did it go? Is this every Friday night? I hope to make one soon... Regards, Joe
  7. ukulelelalala

    Best recommendation for "Classical" Ukulele...

    Hi, I was wondering if there were a particular ukulele suited for classical guitar arrangements... price range can vary, sometimes an inexpensive instrument can sound better than a more expensive and vice-versa. So if price were not an issue, which uke (size, wood, etc) would be best for...
  8. ukulelelalala


    Hello to all, I'm new to the forums and new to playing ukulele. I have no music background at all. I have a KALA KA-MT Curly Mango Tenor Ukulele. In fact, a buddy of mine purchased it here on UU. It has a nice bright tone. I very happpy with it. Anyway, hoping to learn to play the uke. Regards...
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