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    Newbie question--How long do strings last?

    When I had a guitar, the steel strings would either break, get too grungy to clean, or just completely lose their tone. This is my first experience with a nylon stringed instrument, and did not know if they behaved the same? So, all that said to ask, how long do they last, or how often do you...
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    Panama City Ukulele Group??

    Hi, Are there any other ukers out there in the Panama City, Florida Area? Aloha from the Redneck Riviera Chef Paul
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    For any Luthiers out there

    I am new to these boards, having just gotten my Koalana Concert (which I love), but I am also a woodturner and have some nice pieces of wood that someone might be interested in. I have a number of 7" by 1-1/4" square blanks of Indian Rosewood (maybe for bridges?) and one piece of VERY black...
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    Another first! no longer Uke-less

    I waited around all day for that big brown delivery truck like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. My Koalana Concert finally arrived! I have to send big props to MGM for the great packaging and speedy service, he has earned all of my future business. It feels and sounds great, my wife even...
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    Into the vortex

    Hi, Well I just did it! I ordered a Koalana from MGM. I have been wanting to make music for a very long time (about 43 years), but all I could ever play was the radio. My older brother in Alaska gave me the bug and now I am being fascinated by the sheer volume of uke stuff out there on the...
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    Put Your City on the UU Map!

    Man, figuring that out was like a SAT question..........then I figured out that I needed to log in first.
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