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  1. Dominator

    Der Morgenstern ist aufgedrungen

    Wow! Been a long time, Wilfried. That was Beautiful! Wonderful playing! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my friend.
  2. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    Thanks so much! If folks click the link that says "Watch on Youtube" instead of watching it on the player in this post there is a link to the original movie in the video description :).
  3. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    I did transcribe my ukulele part for this. I've been unsuccessful in reaching the copyright holder to get permission to post it publicly. Email me directly at
  4. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    I agree, the ending is very sad.:(
  5. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    Thank You! Mark did a Great job working the animation into the video.
  6. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    Thanks for giving it a spin. Much appreciated. I really am blessed to have connected with Mark. It's really a pleasure to work with him.
  7. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    Thanks so much!
  8. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    My wife and I don't have kids and were not aware of this film until Mark mentioned it last Christmas. So glad he suggested we do it this year.
  9. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    Thanks so much!
  10. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    Thanks! Appreciate you giving it a spin.🤙
  11. Dominator

    Walking in the Air

    I've been collaborating with a good friend of mine since the start of the pandemic. This is our 5th video and 3rd Christmas video. This is a song composed by Howard Blake from his soundtrack to the 1982 animated short film "The Snowman" titled "Walking in the Air". It's beautiful and haunting...
  12. Dominator


    Happy New Year Music Fans, Here's a song I wrote over 20 years ago while performing with my Classic Rock Band, Rockslide. Hope you enjoy it. Dom
  13. Dominator

    Winter Wonderland

    Merry Christmas to all the Music Fans in UU land. Here is this season's Christmas offering from Mark and I. This year we recruited former Bad Finger drummer Len Campanaro to join us and lay down a shuffle. Hoping everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season. Enjoy!
  14. Dominator

    Happy Holidays from the Frary Guitar Duo!

    Very Nice. Love the way the two parts work together. Merry Christmas!
  15. Dominator

    Two Christmas Medleys by Troy Fernandez - Tabs Available

    Hope they are of some use to you, Jim. Not solo arrangements but fun to play with another uke or guitarist.
  16. Dominator

    Two Christmas Medleys by Troy Fernandez - Tabs Available

    Hey Music Fans, I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving with family and friends. I have worked up a couple of Troy's arrangements from the CD "An Ukulele Christmas". Mele Kalikimaka/Jingle Bells and I saw Mommy Kissing Santa/Jingle Bell Rock. There is a separate bass tab file available as...
  17. Dominator

    Ukulele - Sweet Jane

    Hey Music Fans, Rel-Bar asked if I would participate in his rendition of Lou Reed's Sweet Jane. Then we recruited Russ Buss. We had a lot of fun putting this one together. Rel-Bar plays ukulele all the way through so I put it here.
  18. Dominator

    What's happening in your shed?

    Finished the last task on the disc sander build. A couple coats of wipe on poly and built the sliding table for creating the neck to body joint.
  19. Dominator

    Herb Ohta Jr. - Hilo Hula

    I hear ya. Try taking a couple of measures at a time and if you have the original recording slow it down until it becomes more comfortable. Just have fun though.
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