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  1. Huna

    Remo Frame Drum for Banjo Uke

    I'm not a ukulele builder ... or not yet. But I do like the look of the firefly ukulele. On there are pretty good pictures of that ukulele. On another site I saw how some other frenchman used a tambourine and built a ukulele using a grizzly kit. Well I just got into...
  2. Huna

    Drone Chords on ukulele

    I found a little bit of information on drone chords for guitar but also think its transferrable to ukulele. The names on these should be off by five. I am also curious if anyone else has any other information on cool chords like these. Em F G Am Bm C Dm Em...
  3. Huna

    funny bridge on Duke Kahanamoku vintage lol

    this uke looked good but the guy mentioned the glue on the bridge and I thought the bridge looked funny anyways lol
  4. Huna

    Luna Honu Tribal Turtle earectomy

    I have a Luna Honu Soprano that sounds fantastic with Martin 600 Fluorocarbon Strings on it. Well I recently had been playing my Martin OXK which has friction tuners and realized just how unbalanced the Luna was to play as the Guitar Style Tuning Machines are so heavy, the neck wants to pull...
  5. Huna

    5'2 Roy Smeck tab from Uke Hunt reference to a French Site

    This version seems interesting and supposed to be how Roy Smeck did it...: some more Roy Smeck tabs in here:
  6. Huna

    need to convert guitar chords to ukulele chords

    Basically they are the same on a Baritone DGBE.
  7. Huna

    Japanese Uke Kit

    anyone know anything about these?
  8. Huna

    A steal for a girl on ebay, Pink Flea
  9. Huna

    Almost like being in love ... good intermediate song working on that song Almost like Being in Love... its fun to play! Not as hard as it looks
  10. Huna

    Firefly Banjo

    just went to ukuleleboudoir and I always love watching that guy play
  11. Huna

    Learning Melodies - not just chording- ears

    I remembered watching a youtube of JDARKS who makes a lot of Grateful Dead Tabs and he can play a bit like Jerry Garcia and wondered what it was that made Jerry special. Well according to JDarks it was that he had a song in his heart. A song is a melody. So I was looking at that Gotaukulele...
  12. Huna

    OK so I am the sucker... just ordered a GoldTone BUB

    At Christmas I lucked out and bought a Hamano Soprano Uke off amazon for 120 bucks. I tried to resist! Well it happened again. I posted on here there was this Gold Tone Baritone Banjo Uke for 151 on Amazon with a hardcase. I went back and looked at the instrument a few times on Amazon on...
  13. Huna

    Rosewood vs Mahogany for Vita Uke

    I was looking at the Ohana Vita Ukes online at Elderly and didn't realize there are two. One has an R on the name so its CKP-70R meaning the body and back are Rosewood instead of Mahogany which is the CKP-70. I think this is a laminate back and sides with a solid top but was curious if I...
  14. Huna

    Song Help Request Tabs/Chords for "Ukulele song" - Russian Red

    lmao! yah would someone tab it for me? She is lovely too
  15. Huna

    Folk Ukulele Bible ?

    I have a few of those huge fake books by Hal Leonard. I then got a stamp to put my ukulele chord charts in it but mostly now just read the chord names.
  16. Huna

    Hamano Mahogany Concert

    SOLD I am selling my Hamano Concert. I prefer sopranos and am selling all of my concerts except my Makala. This one I got recently and the guy I got it from had just bought it new so it is a very new uke and has not been played much so its mint. I did not adjust it whatsoever except put...
  17. Huna

    Tenor Fluke - Mango Colored (orange)<SOLD>

    SOLD I have this tenor fluke I want to sell so I can save up for a Martin or other mahogany soprano. Its a nice fluke. No scratches. It has a set of Aquilas on it. I have way too many ukes and prefer my sopranos. This uke plays well either GCEA or DGBE and has no discernable wear on it...
  18. Huna

    Luna Tattoo Concert

    SOLD For Sale, pretty much a new Luna. I swapped out the strings and adjusted it a tad.. Its mint. Has Martin's on it now and comes with a Luna softcase: I have too many ukes and am saving up for a Martin or something similar in soprano so am selling this uke for 70 bucks shipped to...
  19. Huna

    Mele Braddah Concert

    SOLD! I want to sell my Mele Braddah Concert(Deluxe). It comes with a chip case. This uke is solid mahogany with a black binding and black ebony fretboard. It has Grover Tuners. It is a smallish concert having twelve frets. It has some dings on it and is probably ten years old... I am not...
  20. Huna

    Some open tuning suggestions please

    well open tuning is a nice chord and you can barre right across the frets and get chords... idk what you are looking for....
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